05 August 2013

Marco Adda began his actoring work in 1993. Since ’97 he deepened his knowledge about body, movement, voice, rhythm and singing. Since ’99 he collaborated with the balinese actor and trainer Tapa Sudana, sharing a theatre-pedagogical way around didactics and practices of training and non-formal education. He worked as actor with many contemporary and traditional theatre companies; then as performer, director and light designer. He participated in short and long movies, as an actor and also as an assistant to the director. 

Interested in research, experimentation, fusion of languages and traditions, over time Marco is developing PerformerZen®, a working system that combines theater, martial arts, dance and other arts, focusing on human beings and animal behaviors,all according to a strong connection with nature. 
Very active as an educator, he leads workshops for children, teenagers, teachers, students, people with special abilities, and masterclasses for actors, psychologists, managers and other professionals.   


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