07 January 2013

Jon Leonard
 “Swallowing factory food”

jon in baligarb

A former farmer, government worker, world traveler and sustainable tree harvesting trainer in Southeast Asia, Jon became interesting in the ancient hindu/buddhist culture.  He came to Bali to deepen his understanding of this culture
Long interested in wood and steel, Jon started his Pande (blacksmith) project in Bali in  2009, where he supported struggling Pande families, taught them new methods, styles, marketing, and introducing them to the world blacksmithing fraternity.
A blacksmithing journey over to Buleleng in late 2011 accidentally opened a return to teaching sustainable farming, where he sponsored and supported poor farmers in the Batur caldera. From his experience as a free range organic farmer, he has been able to teach new ideas and stronger methods for sustainable and cleaner food.
 The industrialisation of what we eat, and how chemicals make it cheaper, but not necessarily better has been the motivation behind teaching farmers in Bali how to diversify and empower their thinking.
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