09 December 2013


Gusti Ngurah Bagus / BAWA manager will lead the presentation.  He has been with BAWA for 4 years. He joined BAWA as information/data manager during our first rabies pilot program. He leads seminars on animal welfare, runs our education team and is thoroughly committed to helping Bali’s animals with emphasis on Bali’s Heritage Dog.    
BAWA is dedicated to the health and welfare of all animals in Bali.  We run free humane population control programs (spay/neuter), education in public schools and communities, free medical care and a 24/7 ambulance service for un-owned animals and for animals owned by Balinese who cannot afford proper treatment, particularly for their dogs. We lead seminars on animal welfare, often with the Hindu Dharma society, and with the Indonesian government.

We run both foster and adoption programs for homeless animals, have a daily street-feeding program and we advocate against inhumane facilities and practices including unhealthy and cruel animal markets, bloodsports including Pit Bull fighting and the shocking dog meat trade. BAWA was instrumental in bringing the 2008 rabies outbreak on the island under control.

BAWA works with many local and international organisations and individuals to achieve sustainable improvement to animal welfare in Bali. Recently we have accepted invitations to assist in both Lombok and Sumbawa.
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