10 October 2011

Guest Speaker: Vicki Lein

“The sooner we can get our pain to migrate to our funny bone, the sooner we will be back in gratitude.  I’ll be singing to you and with you about going blind, turning sixty, global warming, and the beauty that is within all of us, all the time. We’ll sing together, laugh together, dance together, and enjoy life together.”

In a unique combination of candor, humor, and original songs, international speaker Vicki Hannah Lein, MS Counseling, shares the joy and challenge of her journey to a more authentic, fulfilling life. Legally blind and a recovering Adult Child of an Alcoholic, Vicki travels by herself all over the world, getting people on their feet, cheering, singing, laughing, and wiping away tears. She inspires her audiences to find magic, humor, and perspective in the adversities of everyday living. Her book,Woman with a Voice: Daring to Live Authentically Ever After, highlights her journey with stories, poems, and song lyrics.

“We all have genius in us, “she says. “If we learn to trust the gentle inklings and nudges that are leading us to creativity, then our homes and careers can be transformed one brave step at a time.”

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