12 March 2012

Make Compost – Change the World!

Rodney Glick has been developing and refining a simple composting process for over a fifteen years. He is an international contemporary artist and Permaculture teacher who has made compost systems for households and business all around the world. His composting system is a fascinating and empowering way to create luscious soil and actively promotes recycling in all age groups across the entire community.

His unique layering process is wonderfully simple. Using domestic compost bins and by combining organic food waste, soil, straw and worms people can make beautiful compost all the time.

Rodney established Kompos Bali last year, a company that designs, supplies and installs compost systems specializing in using kitchen food waste to make compost. He is the first person to manufacture a compost bin in Bali using recycled Tetrapak plastic material. Now in collaboration with EcoBali he handles all their organic composting requests.

His talk will be a practical demonstration as to how the process works and questions will be encouraged!

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