13 February 2014




with Khalid “Greens” Freeman and Sanggar Cudamani

Thursday, 13 February 2014, 7:30 p.m.


Betel Nut Restaurant, Jalan Raya Ubud

Tickets:  Rp 150,000/at the door the night of the event only 

If you’ve never seen Body Music, you are in for a treat!  The Wall Street Journal says it is “like visiting an anatomical carnival, where hands, feet, fingers, bellies, rumps, and mouths engage in an endless musical ballet.”

The only instrument used in Body Music is the human body.  Body music includes clapping, snapping, stepping, and many kinds of vocalizing.  The different styles of body music from around the world reveal other times and other cultures—they hold memories, cultural legacies, wisdom in rhythm, embodied in the body.  From the tundra to the tropics, people can’t resist the urge to snap, clap, step, holler, and sing artful music. This universal resonator—our bodies—and its myriad global sounds ignite audiences with music you can see, dance you can hear.  It’s the oldest music on the planet, and it’s brand new.

We in Bali are lucky enough to have Khalid “Greens” Freeman, currently on tour with Michael Jackson; the Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil where he stars as a featured character and dancer, performing in collaboration with members of Sanggar Çudamani—probably Bali’s most innovative musical group– for a fundraiser for Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset’s health and education projects.

Both Freeman and Cudamani performed in the 2013 International Body Music Festival at the San Francisco Jazz Center, wowing the audiences with their body rhythms and vocals. 

 Enjoy an amazing and unusual evening while knowing you are helping school youngsters and bringing clean water to hundreds of Balinese schools.

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