14 November 2011

Guest Speaker: Pande Putu Setiawan

for NGO Komunitas Anak Alam

The project started by Pande Putu Setiawan, who realized one day that the Joy was to Give and not Gain. From there it has just gradually developed & more people with various profession got involved in the project.

The project including: Anak Alam Scholarship and Foster Parent Program, Library and Mobile Library Anak Alam, Sharing and Inspiring, Wake Up Open Your Eyes See The World, English / IT / Photography Lesson, Art & Cultural Program, Economic Program, School Feeding and Other Health Program, Youth Leadership Camp and Program, Environmental Program Clean Up Lake Batur, CSR.

In the poor areas of Bali to get more chance to access good knowledge and education. Anak Alam access 3.000 children in lake batur caldera – Kintamani, and also now developed to Ubud, Tabanan, Kelungkung, Nusa Penida, Kerobokan, Payangan. R
ead more at their website:  http://www.komunitasanakalam.org/

About Pande Putu Setiawan

Being a Balinese educated youth, getting higher education has opened his eyes. After finishing his Masters Degree from Gadjah Mada University – Yogyakarta, he transferred to the University of Victoria Canada for couples of months.

He returned home in 2006 and made a controversial life decision. Instead ofaccepting a job in the big city with a good salary, he changed his mind and founded Komunitas Anak Alam, the only social youth NGO based in Bali. Putu lived and taught the children in Belandingan – Kintamani, a village at the top of eastern rim of Batur Caldera for a couple of months.

Pande worked for the United Nations World Food Programme in Yogyakarta earthquake 2006, and in 2008 went to Laos as Youth Representative for ASEAN Youth Day Meeting and Award with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Indonesia. Reader’s Digest magazine has featured him in one of their publications titled ‘Inspiration of Success for Indonesia ’.

His activities also featured in some local and national newspapers and magazines, and  in national TV including ‘Si Bolang’ and Home stay Trans7, Kompas TV ‘Bumi Kita’ / Our Earth program. Volunteering is not an accident for Putu. His father I Nyoman Sadia is a retiree of the Public Health Care Office in Songan Village. In 1983 his father was awarded the title of ‘Dedicated Balinese Paramedic’ by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. His biggest dream is to become an ordinary people. And it seems that he has made it real!

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