16 April 2012

Natalia Perry – The Sacred Childhoods Foundation

Natalia returns to RCBUS for her second visit, to tell us more about how we can specifically help raise awareness of children’s security issues in Indonesia. She is the Founder & Director of The Sacred Childhoods Foundation, a charity focused on helping some of the most underprivileged and at-risk children in Indonesia.

According to reports, the trafficking of women and children in Indonesia is a big problem that has not yet been properly addressed. Sadly, the child sex tourism industry is likewise understood to be significant in Bali in particular, yet the authorities are struggling to intervene or properly support the victims when they are found.

This year SCF will launch a media campaign, sponsor training workshops for local police and professionals, and develop awareness workshops for villagers, as well as scheduling a conference for later in the year.

Sacred Childhoods now has 8 projects in Bali and Sulawesi including two Slum Schools; a sewing project; a micro-finance scheme; support to local orphanages; and The Sanctuary.

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