16 December 2013

Desak Yoni. 

The Strength of a (Balinese) Woman—a Talk for Rotary Club, Ubud 
by Desak Yoni, author of RENDITIONS OF MY SOUL
I would like to talk about some of the issues I have addressed in my book, RENDITIONS OF MY SOUL.
Women in Bali cope with an inordinate number of duties in their home and village, duties that seem to be the ‘divine right’ of the female sex. Not only do most Balinese women have to juggle their daily duties as wives, mothers and business women, either continuing their career or running their own business, they also have many time-consuming spiritual duties. In fact, Balinese women seem to have a lot more burdens than their western women counterparts. Their temple duties often require them to be at the temple until late at night, regardless of having to sell things in the market early the next morning, or do hard physical labour such as carrying bricks, sand or other building materials on their head in the heat, all day long. 
I would also like to share with you the struggle it can be for Balinese women to keep up with their traditional ‘adat‘ and the demands of today’s modern world at the same time. It seems we continuously have to adjust our boundaries of acceptance in order to keep our families together, and for other good purposes such as keeping up with our family commitments in the village. 
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