17 February 2014

Komang Ary has been a collector of Balinese art for many years. In his own words: “Collecting Indonesia art objects as a hobby because of my penchant to the masterpiece of the Indonesian ancestors which has high historical value. 

Process of collecting this art pieces is so much fun, sometimes I do hunting directly to the villages to get them in a legitimate way and flair options, learn the history was remarkable blessing for me, knowing how The casino also stated the authority to keep your $11m Rational had already fronted them around the expectation the deal would move forward. great civilization in Indonesia in the past is a passion in my life. As the founder of Komang Ary Indonesian arts Gallery who is in the village of Lodtunduh, Ubud Bali Indonesia, i”am presenting qualified Indonesia art objects that have been selected with high dedication to my prospective clients. “


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