17 October 2011

Arief Rabik of the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF) and Rebekah Moore of BaliSpirit Festival will describe their groups’ partnership with the East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) in Desa Ban, Karangasem, in an innovative new bamboo agro-forestry project to reverse poverty and support environmental restoration.

There are many different kinds of bamboo

The plan will restore rapidly dwindling forest canopy on the northern slopes of Mount Abang and Mount Agung by ensuring 10 percent of each hectare of land will be planted in bamboo ‘shelterbelts’ to provide erosion control and sun and wind protection. The growing forests will help reverse desertification and re-green these barren hills for Desa Ban’s people, who are struggling to survive.

Located in one of the poorest regions of Bali, this agro-forestry project is also community driven. The project is raising funds to support a bamboo field school to teach local communities how to plant, manage, and harvest their new forest. “Our main goal now,” explains EBPP Founder David Booth, “is to manage the plants we already have in the ground. But we still need to plant something like 3,000 Hectares.”

BaliSpirit Festival will present a bamboo shoot to each 2012 guest who purchases a VIP or Full Festival Pass. All attendees are welcome to purchase a shoot. Following the Festival finale, the BaliSpirit Festival, EBF, and EBPP will host a planting ceremony at the project site in Karangasem.

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