20 February 2012

Georges Capt on Vocational Training in Bali

Georges Capt is a former Swiss diplomat specializing in development and cooperation, with successive assignments in Rwanda and Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Mekong Region, and Bulgaria. He retired to Bali in 2004 and has been assisting several NGOs on a volunteer basis.

Mr. Capt will discuss Yayasan Naga Loka’s program to train professional electricians at SMKN3, a Government Professional School for vocational training. He has been working with YNL to develop operational planning, contractual arrangements, financial and progress-reporting systems, and external review and assessment. He makes regular site visits to the project in Singaraja with YNL to assess their progress.

Mr. Capt is optimistic that the success of this project can lead to more vocational training facilities on Bali.

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