20 January 2014

The evening talk will be on STC Indonesia, Fauna and Flora International and the British American Tobacco company’s project to reforest Lombok’s watersheds and create alternative fuel supplies for the small industries and tobacco farmers of Lombok. In 4 years over 500,000 trees have been planted and over 10,000 of agricultural waste have replaced coal and kerosene.

Thomas Fricke and Sylvia Blanchet are avid, lifelong “Ecopreneurs” in the areas of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Thomas first got his feet wet by building a biogas plant at the Bangli Mental Hospital and stimulating organic vegetable production in surrounding villages during his first stint in Bali from 1974-1975. Sylvia Blanchet began her work in sustainable development as an organic agricultural and appropriate technology trainer for Guatemala. They co-founded ForesTrade Inc, a pioneering company for certified organic, Fair Trade, and sustainably harvested spices, coffee, and essential oils with operations in Indonesia, Guatemala and the Netherlands. ForesTrade received the World Sustainable Business Partnerships Award in 2002 at the Johannesburg World Summit and the Sustainability Award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) in 2005 for co-creating the first Fair Trade coffee cooperative in Aceh. In 2007, they moved full-time to Bali and Indonesia, and Co-Foundered the company Sustainable Trade and Consulting (STC), which is developing bioenergy initiatives from Sabang to Merauke (Aceh to Papua). Thomas speaks English, German, Spanish, Indonesian, and enough Balinese to keep him out of trouble most of the time. Sylvia is a Brennan Healing Science and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner on the side.

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