20 June 2011

“Trash in Ubud”

Graeme MacRae

Rubbish/Trash/Sampah is a serious and growing problem throughout Indonesia. In Bali tourism and the associated prosperity are part of the problem but also part of the solution. This talk starts and ends with Ubuds waste problem, but it looks at a range of alternatives in between.

Graeme MacRae first visited Ubud in 1977, researched there for his PhD in 1993-6 and has visited for a couple of months most years since. Since 1998 he has taught Anthropology at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. His writings about Ubud and rubbish (and other things) can be found athttp://graememacrae.wordpress.com/ and he can be contacted at G.S.MacRae@massey.ac.nz

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