Bulletin 21-February-2011

Robert McCloskey

BULLETIN 21 February 2011

Attending: Alisa, Bruce, Cat, Mr. Chu, Driya, Gabe, Janet, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Rosalind, Sue W, Zsuzsa

Apologies: Dennis (USA), Don and Sue Bennett (Malaysia), Donna, Jody (USA…rtng Feb 22), Mandy and Fred Brauer (Cairo, Egypt), Kadek (in the field), Philip (on holiday), Probo, Rucina, Rustiasa, Tjok Raka, Tangsi

Guests: Gunter Golde, Guest Speaker Oliver Green


Our devilish Mr. Chu poses for the camera, while Gabe and Zsuzsa have a serious chat.

Pres Sue reminded us to be sure to sign in to the Rotary International website on Feb 23, Rotary’s birthday, and make our donations to Every Rotarian Every Year.  If anyone has difficulty with the sign on process, contact Sue…she’ll come to you with help. Donations on this day will receive double recognition points.

The Children’s Library at Pondok Pekok is holding its annual meeting on Saturday Feb. 26 at 3:30 p.m. and we’re invited to attend.

Here's some of the PETS delegation from Bali (l to r) S/SE Philip RCBUS, PP/PE Patrick- RC Seminyak, PE rep Daisy - RC Ubud, P Sue-RCBUS, PE Erna - RC Lovina, PE Lloyd RCBUS

PE LLoyd reported on PETS training and is now immersed in reading the many and very comprehensive manuals he brought back from Surabaya.  A highlight for LLoyd was the opportunity to meet his fellow PEs and many Rotarians from throughout Indonesia.  Pres Sue was very happy to hear that clubs throughout Indonesia are enjoying our website…Couldn’t have happened without the efforts of Bruce, Sue, Rucina and many others in the club.  Team work really pays off!

YAY for Bruce…he’s posted all the recipes for our Ubud Cook Book fundraiser on the website (it’s accessible to members only).  ALL CLUB MEMBERS NOW IN BALI….sign in and select the two recipes you’ll bring to our March 6 Taste Testing Fellowship.

Cooks poring over cookbooks, while pondering design.....

And how many recipes should we include????

AND we received our first pre-publication order for the Cook Book!! Many thanks to PP Danielle Mullen, RC of LaConner (Washington, USA) for e-mailing her interest and support.


CLUB ASSEMBLY is scheduled for Feb 26, 10 a.m. at Marilyn’s house.  We’re expecting a terrific turnout.  This is everyone’s opportunity to plan the club’s future directions and speak our minds about how to make the club BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER.

Our ever supportive Sister Club RC Manningham has donated AUD$2500 to our club!  AUD $500 is designated for Mt Merapi, Java disaster relief and AUD $2000 for the Temekus water project.   Rtn Joady Barnes, our Sister Club liaison is happily on the mend after a serious illness.  We wish him well.   Additional funding is still needed for the water project – hint, hint..

More good health news from our friends….WCS Chair Pauline Stuber, RC Ignacio (CA.USA) is recovering from surgery and was strong enough to attend her club’s meeting this week.  Can’t keep a good Rotarian down for long!  And Rotaract Ade is also again back teaching in her classroom after surgery.  OK everyone….stay well!!!

Sue and Rtn. Jeremy attend Rotaract Fundraiser dinner in posh Nusa Dua

We’ve already received information from DGE Ridlo that he will be visiting our club on November 28, 2011.  His full year’s schedule will require almost 120 days ‘on the road’.  Reaching 89 clubs on many different islands in the Indonesia archipelago is no small trick.

Rosalind shared information found in the Rotarian Magazine about the opportunities open to our club by using social networking.  She strongly recommended using Facebook and Twitter  to promote awareness and interest in the activities of the club.  Best of all, Rosalind is engaging the services of one of our Rotaracts to teach her the best ways to put into practice her own recommendations.   Rosalind is an action oriented person!

Rtn Bob Rubens (RC Gent Noord) has contacted Pres Sue about his club’s interest in possibly helping Starfish, a school that teaches English to young Balinese no cost.  (Adults are charged a fee.)  Pres Sue has asked Rtn Gabe to meet with the principles at Starfish and begin the process of due diligence.


Guest speaker Oliver Green, an international election expert, talked about elections he has “watched” around the world, and gave us some insights into Indonesian elections, particularly the East Timor vote for independence.

Oliver became involved in this work after a friend’s father barely missed being shot in East Timor. In July of 1999, prior to the East Timor’s vote for or against independence, the entire population was very tense and more than a little frightened but at the same time exhilarated to have a choice.  Passing notes was only way to get information.  Indonesia was not supportive of East Timor breaking away and becoming independent and clearly wanted to retain East Timor as part of the Indonesia.

The polls opened at 6 am and the ‘watchers’, arrived three hours earlier, at 3am. Some voters walked for six days to reach a location where they could vote.  They were frightened, but had complete faith in democracy.  After the vote, many people hid in the jungle waiting to learn the outcome of the vote.

Knowing that the voting results were valid and respected internationally, Oliver was inspired to make a career of monitoring elections throughout the world…Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and a myriad of other locations.  He firmly believes that a secret vote will give people to what they believe in and that fair and open elections have the potential to create peace.

Oliver now often consults with governments as they plan for democratic elections and provides voter education.

Research shows what determines success of elections in countries emerging from conflict is – surprise – economics– If people are earning more than $2700 per capita , they have something to lose.

Bali has some of most violent elections in Indonesia. Local governmnts have asked for assistance in peace and conflict resolution.  The group consensus culture here makes secret votes very difficult.

In Indonesia today, a new law is being debated in parliament.  The law wants to replace the neutral and independant election committee with representatives of all the parties.  He fears this will rend elections without validity.

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