21 January 2013

liza pic role-for-spu1Our speaker will be Liza Dawn, from Role Foundation,

speaking on their program


Liza will focus particularly on the results and future plans of Role Foundation’s  Waste-to-Wonder Program.

The Issues: Waste Management, Development and Poverty in Bali.
→Rapid development, construction, and with it the disappearance of farm lands means traditional jobs in agriculture are fast drying up;
→Because of localized overfishing, traditional jobs for coastal communities are all but gone:
→Because of the mass influx of workers looking for jobs, because of high unemployment and underemployment on many other islands; the illiterate and unskilled in coastal communities, especially women of Bali Island are under extreme pressure to find viable work and are falling through Bali’s tourism driven prosperity cracks.
→This is compounded by the near non-existence of liquid and solid toxic and non toxic waste management and by ever increasing monopolization of the food industry in Bali by national and multinational corporations, driving up prices, putting food and basic commodities out of reach for some sectors of the community.

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