22 July 2013

 Sally (Sierra) Silverstone, CFO, Director of Agriculture and Forestry Biosphere Foundation

http://www.biosfirindonesia.org/.  Sierra will speak about the Biosphere Foundation and Biosphere 2. 

Our website is www.biospherefoundation.org and my talk will begin with a brief description of the Biosphere 2 project in Tucson Arizona, – a totally sealed structure in the Arizona desert in which myself and Abigail Alling( president of Biosphere Foundation and Mark VanThillo (our chief operations officer) lived for two years. This unique experiment was the inspiration that urged us to found the Biosphere Foundation which has carried out conservation work, mostly in the area of marine systems throughout the tropic world. We are currently working with local NGO’s in co-operation with the National Park to help protect the natural resources of the area, including the marine life around the island of Menjangan.

Our work here also includes education programs, forestry restoration work, promotion of organic agriculture, and we plan in the future to start projects to deal with the ever increasing trash problem in the area. My talk will also include a description of this work.

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