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Joseph De Wolk on Dasra Social-Impact Bali

Joseph De Wolk

Dasra Social-Impact is a pioneering international network of advisors, mentors and investors who help visionary social change-makers achieve financial sustainability and scale their impact. Dasra, India’s leading strategic philanthropy foundation in a partnership with Social-Impact International, runs Dasra Social-Impact (DSI) to support non profits and social businesses expand their outreach and impact.

Partners such as the Annika Linden Foundation sometimes fund a select group of high-impact organizations to go through Dasra Social-Impact, such as with Dasra Social-Impact Bali. Dasra Social-Impact provides a transformative executive education program for successful social entrepreneurs. The program uses Dasra resources and experts to create growth plans designed to raise sufficient capital and bring organizations’ operations to long term sustainability. DSI Bali consists of 8 leaders from non profits that are delivering social impact to solve the challenges of a rapidly developing Bali for some of the island’s neediest communities.

Starting in August 2011, Dasra Social-Impact Bali is building capacities of non-profit leaders moving into the groundbreaking Annika Linden Centre, a first-of-its-kind centre of excellence for disability health and education in Bali. The leaders will come together for three residential workshops in Bali between August 2011 and January 2012. In addition, Dasra will provide guidance and mentoring as well as facilitate introductions for partnership and funding opportunities throughout the duration of the course.
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