25 June 2012

Hubud: Sharing Everybody Else”s Ideas Liberally
presented by Steve Munroe on behalf of the Hubud team

Our instincts and education tell us to guard our ideas or advance them only within our own circle or discipline.

We had an idea about that because we feel the opposite is true. Even better, the other people we invited to occupy our prototype for a collaborative workspace had even more ideas about that. Our presentation to WBN is about how we learned from coworking for two weeks alongside Ubud”s diverse geniuses, and our anticipation of radical collaborations to come.

Hubud [hub-in-Ubud] popped up in Ubud, Bali, for a two-week prototype of a community coworking space, ending on 1 June 2012. Café Kendi on Jl Bisma was transformed with blackboard walls, blazing internet, a mother table, casino jameshallison a beanbag nest and all the stick it notes you could want in an experiment of what a collaborative workspace would feel like. Hubud is co-founded by John Alderson, Steve Munroe and Peter Wall.

Steve has worked for the United Nations for the past ten years, saving the world one wretched report at a time. This has included stints in Indonesia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Libya and – of all the forlorn places – Copenhagen. He currently does short-term change management gigs, co-owns a vegan restaurant called the Living Food Lab, and cheats when playing Monopoly with his two sons (Lochlan and Seth) and partner Renee.

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