25-November-2010 Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner

Thanksgiving was celebrated at Sue’s with roasted turkey, and incredible trimmings, stuffings, veggies and desserts!  Janet’s pies and Driya’s brownies more than satisfied our sweet teeth, and sent the kids off in sugar rushes.  We found Bianca’s sandal in the rice field the next day!!!   Here’s more pictures!

Sue's staff made lovely decorations!

Table talk

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, dahl, cranberry salad, cole slaw, veggies..... super yum!

our adorable young families....

Kids love the swing!

What's so funny, Philip?

cute aussies

Table talk

Sylvia and Bebe

Philip and Jeremy - Philip makes the final stir!

old and new friends

Lovely guests Susan and Jen

kadek rus

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