26 August 2013

Janice Mantjika speaks  about life in Bali in the sixties….a decade when much of Bali was still without electricity or water on tap,  when time still meant nothing to most, religious ceremonies were simple relatively unadorned events,  children still used slates to write on in school, and farmers wore sacks instead of shirts. A quiet  time of undeveloped beauty and serenity ,  when roads were unsealed tracks,  rice fields reigned, armies of ducks “owned” the roads, and fireflies glittered everywhere at nights.  – yet a time also of lack, of hunger, of political turmoil and death, while in the midst of it,  mass tourism began to  slowly take root.

She is also Chairwoman of Yakkum Bali.  It is a rehabilitation network for the physically challenged – www.yakkumbali.org.  YAKKUM Bali is about providing opportunities for improving mobility and learning useful skills. It’s about giving people dignity by earning a living, by raising a family and sharing fully in the life of the community.  It has won many awards.

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