28 May 2012

Sanggar Anak Tangguh

The mission of this organization is to develop solidarity (local, national, international) and create affordable quality education for children. The sanggar or studio, runs two programs: a routine weekly program on Sunday mornings where children in the neighborhood of Guang village study English, mathematics, drawing and dance.

The other program is reliant on volunteers and can range from one-day workshops to programs of many weeks on a myriad of subjects.

Presently, the programs at the sanggar are:

  • Sand and creativity (they make sand statues on the beach involving local artists and English teachers).
  • Cinema Paradiso program (a film appreciation course meant to inspire the children to make their own films);
  • Drawing and painting (Little Picasso is one of the projects where the children’s works were sent to the US;
  • Lempad Reborn where the children’s works were shown at Alliance Francais;
  • Pinhole Camera Program, one of their best known projects, where the kids are taught how to use pinhole cameras; their work is on display at Bar Luna in Ubud.

Find more information and photos here.

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