30 April 2012

Stew Martin: “How Rotarians can Enhance Fellowship and Hands-On Values
in a Scale-it-Up-and-Be-Professional Future Vision Environment.”

Stew Martin will be visiting RC Ubud Sunset from Oregon USA for the 3rd time, and this time will be our guest speaker.  Stew was here as a guest with his GSE (Group Study Exchange) Team in 2004, then led a team of 21 Rotarians and spouses bringing Indonesian projects back to District 5100 in 2008, and now returns a) because he first drank our water in 1999, and b) he is responsible to organize Regional Teams of Rotarians who do WaSH (Water & Sanitation) projects for Wasrag, and c) he is planning to bring another D5100 Rotarian team to Indonesia in September this year.

Stew and other Wasrag leaders are presenting at a breakout session at this year’s Convention in Bangkok.

Stew will undoubtedly be talking about water projects – especially as he is exploring the possibility of forming a regional Wasrag committee here. But he also offered to discuss how to keep our projects rewarding and personally meaningful as Rotary scales up its grants into the Future Vision era.

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