30 September 2013

Suzana Chandra.  “Once, I was asked a question about how much money do I want in life and why? I remember thinking all the numbers I want to have, but having trouble justifying the “why” question. After thinking long and hard, I come to the conclusion that one of the most simple reasons for wanting such money in life is the ability to give it to others, on top of wanting to provide for my family.”

Rotary gives her such joy. It gives her a vehicle to contribute to others as well as to experience the joy of fellowship among all rotarians. Rotary also gives lots of opportunities for personal development.  The beauty is, no matter how much or how little contribution we give, together with all Rotarian in the world, that contribution makes such an impact to other people’s lives.

Currently she is managing Lestari Living, which main business is in property development, property investment and property management. Monthly she contributes to M&I magazine (an entrepreneur magazine), casual trainers for professionals, Past President of RC of Bali Denpasar 2011-2012, District Trainers for District 3420 as well as resource Trainers for District 2410 and District 3420 under Rotary International ZONE 7

Engage Rotary, Change Lives!

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