This well must supply over 2,500 people who live 3 km away

As individuals and as Rotarians, we feel very fortunate to be living in Bali. Bali has been good to us, and we want to reciprocate by helping Balinese find solutions for the challenges they face. Lots of people talk about making a difference.  Our club really does.

Rotary is about people helping people.  Bali seems prosperous to the casual visitor.  But once away from the tourist centres, the story can be very different.  Yes, there is poverty here.  Many children don’t go to school.  There are communities without access to clean water   Many people live in inadequate housing. There are schools without books, schools with substandard toilets. There are many bright, hard-working young people with no hope of a job.  Bali’s environmental issues include waste management and  declining rice production.

Our club’s projects address these issues and more.

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