Kedampal Healthy Day

Kedampal Healty Day

Kendampal healthy day on October 6th 2018 was sponsored by Rotary Club  Bali Ubud Sunset which is 470 patients were helped by 66 volunteers, Kendampal is a village 4 km from the top of mount Agung and stand at mountains called Kedampal, the main income comes from farming. The community is very poor and many  families exist below the poverty line. The Healthy Day is coordinated  by Rumah Sehat a Rural health Center in Culik Karangasem, many professionals came to help the villagers. A liaison with RC Mobile Clinic and Bali Pink Ribbon performed education of women health and many received Pap Smear and Breast Examination, also doctors nurses dentist and optometrists  help men, woman and children 470 patients in all. A great outcome  for the day






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