The Wehea National Forest

WEHEA project for potential partner

RCBUS’ newest member, Hans Schmid, presented information to the club describing the Wehea Project, part of an effort to preserve the tropical rainforests in Indonesia. The Wehea National Forest is located in East Kuatai Regency, East Kalimantan, Borneo. Its 38,000 hectares (93,900 acres) are home to endangered primates such as the Bornean Orangutan and the Miller Grizzled Langur. It also houses the endangered Sun Bear and Sunda Clouded Leopard. Thirty percent of this rainforest has already been logged. Another 40 % has been only lightly explored.

Rainforests are vital for the survival of the Earth. Wehea’s rainforests are unique and must be preserved to be studied and enjoyed by future generations. Unfortunately, the destruction of rainforests continues. That destruction diminishes the Earth’s supply of CO2.

The goals of the Wehea Project are to:

· Preserve the area

· Extend the area

· Increase the area’s protection status

· Create limited tourism to the area

· Use existing infrastructure to create a realocation program

· Create an international volunteer program

The needs of the Wehea Project include:

· 1 Ute

· 2 motorcycles

· Maintenance of existing streets and buildings

· Funds for building and maintaining a new bridge

· Salary for the ranger who works there

New partners are also needed to sustain the Wehea Project. Partners supply needed funding and a means to distribute information about the project to others worldwide. RCBUS has agreed to make Rotary International aware of the Wehea Project. Primates help Primates!

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