Rotary Partner Ann McCue decorated by Queen

After visiting the very poor island of Sumba, Ann Mccue formed an NGO to address the basic needs of sanitation, water, education, nutrition and sustainable livelihoods. For eight years Ann lived among the people Sumba and built a strong organization with a local staff. (see The projects she designed were supported by governments, private groups and service clubs. In 2009, RCBUS was given a Matching Grant of $25,000 to provide rainwater catchment tanks and composting toilets for families which had never had access to either. During her years in Sumba Ann suffered malaria many times and finally in 2010 returned to England to recover her health. In October 2010, Ann was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) by her HRH Queen Elizabeth II for her services to the people of Sumba.

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