Bulletin 01 November 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle”

– Albert Einstein

BULLETIN 1 November, 2010

Members: Cat, Gabe, Patricia, Philip, Sue W, Lloyd (still on crutches);
Guests: Yacinta Daisy (RC Bali Ubud, Sonia Hornery (RC Wallsend, donor of Bali Hati Foundation, Aussie MP, Philip Bigio (Guest Speaker), Jenny Bigio, Rosalind Robinson, Heiner Siegelman, Suzan Tereba, Jenny Byrne



Lloyd:  Elections
Here’s the election results and officer line-up for the 2011 – 2012.  It’s a hard working group and no question, their work will be ready and waiting for them come July 1, 2011. Congrats to our incoming officers.
President:  Lloyd Hassencahl
Vice President: Rucina Balllinger
Vice President: Janet Molloy
Secretary:  Philip Yusenda
Treasurer:  Driya Susanto
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bruce Briscoe
President-Elect:  – open –

(Via Marilyn in the US )
Lots of excitement over a  possible new project.  Dr. Mandy Brower has kindly invited the club to submit a project proposal to the Mel Wolf Foundation!   Philanthropist Mel Worth’s desire was to ‘makes grants available for the purpose of enhancing opportunities for women and children in need’.  Bali can certainly offer many possibilities to meet this criterion and over the past several days MANY e-mails have flown back and forth between Pres Sue and Marilyn, now in California but never too far away to try for a project that could benefit our Balinese community.    We’re now madly working on a proposal that, if accepted, could bring reading books and basic hygiene information to as many as 1400 children in up to 14 elementary schools.  The Payangan schools will be targeted for this project.  It’s the same area where work will soon begin on the club’s Global Grant project (see our website for further information).  Our hope is to eventually be able to provide support to all of the children attending all of the 33 schools in Payangan.  Wish us luck
Philip: Gave us an overview of the disaster situations in Indonesia.

Indonesia has been hit by 3 natural disasters at once: flash floods in
Wasior, Papua province , tsunami in Mentawai islands, West Sumatra
province, and the Merapi volcano eruption in Jogjakarta. There’s also
some rumbling from the Krakatau volcano chain between Sumatra and Java islands.

Rotary District 3400, which happens to cover all these disasters area has
mobilized quickly for disaster relief.

Team Merapi Rotary Aids 2010 in Yogyakarta has been delivering aid packages (food and non-food) to several shelters that are full to the brim with villagers evacuated from the slopes of mount Merapi.

Shelterbox Response Team with the help of Rotary Club of Medan has already delivered 200 shelter boxes to Mentawai. The combination of bad weather and lack of transport (the tsunami site can only be reached with small boat and chopper from Padang, the nearest port town) has been hampering the distribution effort.

Information on contributions can be found at http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/indonesia-disaster-relief/

We passed the hat and raised 2.1 million rupiah from members SUE, LLOYD, GABE, and guest JENNY (and MARILYN from afar).

Guest Speaker:

Our guest speaker, Philip Bigio,  and his wife  Jenny were Cat’s neighbours in Singapore years ago.  They followed her to Ubud a few years ago, and rented a house nearby!   Now they are neighbors again. 

Philip Bigio summarized his trip from Plymouth to Banjul in Gambia like this:

4 friends
2 cars
3 weeks
6,500 miles
2 continents
8 countries
2 mounain ranges
1 minefield
Endless desert

The original “Banger Challenge “is not a big expensive event like Paris Dakar Rally; it’s more like the poor man’s version.  For the car, Philip spent less than 500 pound sterling for the small Ford in which he made the journey.  Two other friends joined them in a similar jalopy.  Their tiny vehicle became home for 2 very big men plus 1 local guide who squeezed in.   The guide was indispensible to guide them safely through the minefields) and to help them with all the logistics necessary to pass the desert.  The way to Banjul was a harrowing journey, although Philip minimized the obstacles in a matter of fact telling!  A lot of cash changed hands to grease the bureaucratic wheels. The engine broke down because of overheating.  They drove a stretch of beach that could only be crossed during certain tide conditions.  Jenny adds, “Philip makes it sound very easy and safe. In reality, last year this event was cancelled due to the security situation. So Philip’s group was the last to pass these roads before it become too dangerous.

The Raffle Prize Mystery:  Sue received 3 wrapped packages at her house last week, all marked for Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.   Assuming they were raffle prizes, she brought one for the prize tonight…   Sales were brisk, as everyone was excited to see what the mystery prize was.   And the lucky winner was Jenny Bigio, wife of our guest speaker Philip!  It was a beautiful Starbucks’ water bottle (for  another journey in the desert?).  We’ve since found out the prizes came from our own member, Jody Bausch, now in Seattle, who managed to get them into our hands through a relay of three different friends.  Thanks, Jody!  We raised 360,000 this week.

November Birthdays – Mr. Chu, Rucina

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