Bulletin 03 January 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
Trees are Earth”s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.
Rabindranath Tagore

BULLETIN 3 January 2011

Attending: Bruce, Cat, Don, Jeremy, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Philip, Sue B, Sue W

Apologies: Alisa (USA…rtng Jan 28), Janet, Jody, (USA…rtng Feb 22), Dennis (USA), Donna (USA), Driya and Probo (Driya’s parents visiting from Java), Gabe (Australia…rtng Jan 18), Kadek (in the field), LLoyd (Hong Kong), Patricia (USA for knee surgery), Rucina (Singapore) Rustiasa, Tjok Raka, Tangsi

Guests: Rtn Ron Strachan (RC Darwin Sunrise, Australia), Rtns Anton Van Den Broecke, Helga Fredler (RC Bali Ubud), Reeta Roy, Larry Schneider, Patty Yockey, Margaret Mockler, Susan Tereba, Alan Spence Guest Speaker


Despite many hand gesticulations from club members, Pres Sue forgot to ring the bell and launched directly into introductions.  Normally introductions are a simple formality, but our guests went wild!

Rtn Ron, RC Darwin Sunrise announced to all that his company was flag maker to the world!  But he forgot to bring his own club’s flag and made off with two of ours.

Margaret Mockler told us she had spent 25 years working in Indonesia specializing in health care.  She’s a font of information on one of our club’s favorite topics.

Larry Schneider works for United States Geological Services to whom we turn every time we have an earthquake…which is pretty often.  His wife, Patty Yocker is a university teacher AND artist…she blows glass.  Sue added that Larry makes automatic monthly donations to Rotary – so on behalf of the club she thanked him for his generous support.

Rtn Anton Van Den Broecke had us all laughing when he announced he was a member of the ‘other’club…RC Bali Ubud.  (Anton is Treasurer for RC Bali Ubud.)

Rtn Jeremy was caught without his Rotary pin and his name tag.  He was shocked!

Pres Sue had us recite the Four Way Test explaining that for her it was a strong tie to why she’s a Rotarian.  Rtn Anton reminded us that RCBU had added a fifth statement…Is it Fun!

We’re all hoping to have Rucina back in Bali with her husband this week.  Rucina is hoping for lots of visitors (call first)…and would they please bring chocolate!

Always a high point for a Rotary club, Sue Bennett received a Paul Harris pin and is now a Paul Harris Fellow.  Pres Sue did the honors and Sue B can expect the DG to get on her case about husband Don….when will Don become a Paul Harris Fellow???  (Ladies first, DG Al).

Pres Sue was working at keeping a straight face when she told us how she went out of her way to lunch with Rotarian Guido Burati, from the Italian Reggio Emilia club in central Italy.  He wasn’t staying in Ubud long enough to attend our meeting but Sue wanted him to know how welcoming our club was.  She even shared a picture of their flag exchange.  Is this what you call tough duty?

Pres Sue shared pictures of the Pondok Pekok Children’s Library in Ubud.  It seems that the newly hired librarian has already attended a Rotaract meeting.  If you have children’s books that you no longer read (either to your children or to yourself) please consider passing them on to the library…  English or Indonesian language are both needed.

Our Rtn Bruce is becoming a Bali icon.  Bruce already writes a regular article on technology for the Bali Advertiser and is now writing about food for ubudvibe.com. Bruce is a definite ‘foody’ and will have a grand time sampling the goods.  Maybe he’ll find some great recipes to add to Rtn Janet’s collection for the forthcoming cookbook?

On display with pride….the banner announcing our sister relationship with RC Manningham. Many thanks to our sisters (and brothers) for creating the banner and shipping it to us.

Cat announced that the third mobile rice mill has been funded by the Australian Consulate’s Direct Action Program.  Cat is the Queen of Rice Mills here in Bali.  Now she’s training Rtn Jeremy to become her consort…he helped in writing the proposal.   The rice mill will serve four villages in the Petang area, comprised of 2800 families.   Net result?  Higher income for farmers by eliminating one of the middlemen in getting their harvest to market.

The Global Grant is waiting funding…after we discovered yet additional signatures are needed!  Everybody and their brother have to commit to the success of this project.  A really important person in the GG picture is Rtn Kadek Ary.  We have just learned that his wife Yuni is hospitalized and will likely require surgery to correct a leaking heart valve.  We all wish Yuni a rapid recovery and return to her bouncy, brilliant and beautiful self.


Alan Spence fascinated us with a description and film of an environmentally friendly method for harvesting logs in Borneo.  The ‘old’ way had loggers whacking their way through thick forests, knocking down everything in their path as they hauled equipment, vehicles and a bevy of staff to reach selected trees.   The new method needs only a few loggers to reach trees identified by helicopter search.  Once the tree is felled, it is lifted out by helicopter using a giant grappling hook.  A little tricky, but a definite advantage in protecting the forests!

Alan has long experience both as a logger in British Columbia, Canada and as an expert in maintaining helicopters.  The grapple used to pick up felled trees was both designed and built by Alan and has proved extraordinarily successful. In Borneo, the helicopter of choice is the Sykorsky, a reliable workhorse capable of moving some 200 cubic meters of logs in an hour, the fastest of any logging method available.   Helicopter refueling is needed hourly and affects the cost of the wood making it more expensive.  However, this wood is sought after because it bears a certificate stating it was harvested using an environmentally friendly method.

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