Bulletin 06- December-2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“The best things in life aren’t things.”
Art Buchwald

BULLETIN 6 December, 2010

Attending: Bruce, Driya, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Philip, Probo, Rucina, Sue W.

Apologies: Alisa (USA…rtng Jan 28), Cat (totally pooped out!), Jody, (USA…rtng Feb 22), Dennis (USA), Don and Sue B.( USA…rtng Dec 24) , Donna (USA), Mr. Chu (Where IS Mr. Chu?), Gabe (Australia),  Janet (at the beach!)  Kadek (in the field), Patricia (USA for knee surgery), Rustiasa, Asri, Tjok Raka, Tangsi,

Guests: Rtn. Diane Parker, RC Kelowno Ogopogo (Canada), Rtn Ron Baxter, RC Bali Lovina, Anne Marie Kipar


We started off with a mystery!  Some unknown person deposited a rather large box wrapped in newspaper on our meeting table…so obviously a raffle prize….yes? Pres Sue made her first command decision of the evening and whatever it was or wherever it came from…it’s a raffle prize. More later!!

Our guests introduced themselves, including Rtn Ron’s charming companion…a fuzzy and well behaved little white dog.  She announced herself with a friendly woof.

Provisional RC Bali Canggu has joined the ranks of English speaking clubs on the island.  We heartily welcome them and look forward to their charter.  In the past several months two new clubs have been formed and we are looking forward to more.  DG Al is forever pushing all of us in Indonesia to be Bigger, Better and Bolder!!

Pres Sue has good news from RC La Jolla Golden Triangle!  We now are their sister club.  Our extended family of sister clubs continues to grow, first RC Manningham and now our dear friends in San Diego,CA.  Who could have better siblings?

Correspondence from members Dennis and Joady in Seattle has provided the ‘how to’ for our club to apply for funding from the Starbucks Foundation.  We have until next October to develop a proposal that meets their mission… the focus must be on youth.  We had hoped Starbucks might fund the water project intended for Temekus, but clearly that won’t work, so we’re again seeking funding support for this village water project.

Member Probo reported on the annual tree planting event organized by his NGO.  Four hundred people pitched in on December 4 to plant trees at Pura Jati close to Batur Lake.  If it’s up to Probo, all of Bali will be soon reforested!  Sec Philip and wife Sylvie participated along with many students from Campuhan College.  Next year let’s all plan to be up there doing our bit for Bali’s environment and supporting Probo’s efforts.

One of the project towers is 12 meters high!

Village chief powwows with RCBUS and Rotaracters

The final ceremony for the Bayung Gede village water project was held on December 5.  This village has had special ceremonies for every single part of this project… the water source, submersible pump, generator, electrical panel, pipes, water tower and water tanks!    After the religious ceremony was completed, Rtns Kadek Ary, Pres Sue, Marilyn and several Rotaracters were treated to a veritable feast of local food and wonderful stories told by the village chief about how his grandfather had worked for Margaret Meade when she was living in Bayung Gede.  RCs Seaside and Manningham made this project possible….water for 2500 villagers!

RC Ignacio's Pauline Stuber and Michael Fish

VP Rucina represented the club on December 5 at the now completed Panti Asuhan project where a volunteer appreciation day was staged.  Rucina was thanked time and time again for the work done for this school through a Matching Grant.  The school’s food and beverage staff is now producing totally delicious chocolate…keep it in mind when you need something really special for an event!  We wish our international partners RCs Ignacio, Central Marin and Novato could have been there to share the school’s appreciation AND the chocolate.


Jeremy facilitates "Social Philanthropy" discussion....

Rtn Jeremy was our discussion leader tonight on the topic of Social Philanthropy for Beginners. The intention was to lead our club into a more precise and professional focus for projects our club undertakes.  Jeremy tapped into information originally prepared by Google and used as their internal guidelines for funding projects… Google sets high standards and is a great model to emulate. Their Golden Standard for filtering projects include:  Clear goals and strategy; Clear proposal guidelines; Framework for evaluating impact; Knowledge of the field.  Needless to say, members and guests engaged in spirited discussion.  Not much was heard from Ron’s fuzzy little white dog.

Two of the outcomes were to inventory members’ expertise and to examine an existing project in light of Google’s Golden Standards.  Now THAT should be a good beginning for moving towards ever better projects.

Back to the mystery box!! LLoyd won the raffle, opened the box and found an elegant set of bar and wine tools.  LLoyd’s reaction….way too good a prize for just a raffle and he donated it right back to the club for an upcoming fundraiser.  Thanks both to LLoyd and whoever donated this exquisite gift. (So who are you???)

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