Bulletin 07-February-2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

BULLETIN 7 February 2011

Attending: Alisa, Bruce, Cat, Donna, Mr. Chu, Fred and Mandy, Gabe, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Rosalind, Sue W, Zsuzsa,

Apologies: Dennis (USA), Don and Sue Bennett (Malaysia), Driya and Probo, Janet (in Java), Jody (USA…rtng Feb 22), Kadek (in the field), Philip (on holiday), Rucina, Rustiasa, Tjok Raka, Tangsi

Guests: Denise Abe, Charter Pres Susi Johnston (RC Bali Cangu), Rtn Art Barker (RC Woodside/Portola Valley USA) and spouse Ruth, Rtn Antje v. Lukowicz-Schaeffer (RC Bali Ubud), Bruno and Liesbeth Dietl (Fresno, CA USA)


Fred and Mandy become Rotarians

Happy pinning!

Needless to say, the highlight of our meeting tonight was the induction of Fred and Mandy Brauer into the club.  WELCOME!!  Our previously ‘newest members’ Zsuzsa and Rosalind were given the honor of pinning Fred and Mandy.  Is this the beginning of a club tradition?  For a brief moment Fred and Mandy, normally the most delightfully loquacious pair you could know were speechless.

Bruce was the lucky guy to share the Four Way Test with all of us tonight.  He did a great job (particularly since a fellow member passed him a cheat sheet to help him along).  Honest, Pres Sue, we’re going to get these committed to memory!!!

Rtn Art Barker (RC Woodside-Portola Valley) is here in Bali as a result of a fundraiser held by his club.  He was the high bidder for a week’s stay in Rtns Don and Sue’s house here in Bali.  No wonder Don and Sue are in Malaysia…they’re homeless.  Art brought a flag to exchange and he and Pres Sue got arms a bit tangled doing the trade.

With four new members joining the club in the past two weeks, Membership Chair Gabe has returned to Bali just in time to conduct a New Members Orientation.  On a far more serious note, Rtn Gabe suffered through the horrible floods and cyclones that hit the NE coast of Australia and is still visibly shaken.  Rtn Cat, our multi talented author, columnist, environmentalist, massage therapist etc. etc.) offered Gabe massage treatments to help deal with the trauma. Gabe gratefully accepted.

Guest Denise Abe invited all of us to participate in Dyatmika’s annual progressive dinner Saturday, Feb. 12 in Ubud.  And for those who can move after a lavish multi-venue multi-course dinner the evening will continue into the night with a dance party…an opportunity to dance off the calories. (Dyatmika is an international-plus school providing excellent education to children from kindergarten to grade 12.)  Raffle tickets can also be purchased.  For tickets, contact Denise at 08123847599.  Marilyn has already sent hers through the laundry.  Not much left after a thorough washing machine spin.

Denise receives book from Alisa

Denise is also deeply involved and committed to the Ubud’s Children’s Library and asked if club members would volunteer either as steering committee members or simply to come and read stories to the youngsters.  Rtn Zsuzsa immediately volunteered to serve on the Library’s steering committee and newest Rtn Mandy, who has authored children’s books, will be there to read to the kids and to serve on the steering committee.  Responding to Denise’s request for books for the children’s library, Rtn Alisa donated a book to the library…gratefully accepted by Denise.

Both Pres Sue and Rtn Bruce have been busy updating the club’s website and especially the calendar.  BE FOREWARNED!  Our Pres is going to quiz us next week about the February events, so check it out.    http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/

We have good news about Yuni, Rtn Kadek’s wife.  Doctors in Jakarta diagnosed the problem and Kadek and Yuni now know that it can be safely remedied.

More good news, this time from Rucina…husband Agung is gradually regaining his strength and starting to give orders to family members….a sure sign of recovery.  Miraculously, after months of hospitalization and medical doctor head-scratching, Agung’s illness has finally been diagnosed…thanks to doctors at the Mayo Clinic in the USA.   Now it’s Rucina who is ill…asthma and undoubtedly stress.  Rtn. Cat has already performed her magic reiki services for Ru!

Thanks to all of you who have sent us recipes for the upcoming Ubud Cook Book.  From Australia Jenny and Ray Williams sent a yummy recipe for Red Curry Chicken.  Quoting Jenny…” It’s quick, easy and very scrumptious.”  If you’re thinking about donating a recipe, please send it soon.  Rtns Rosalind, Bruce and Janet are moving on to publication details.

Global Grant Update

Our efforts move forward on the Global Grant.  Funding has arrived!!!  And we owe special thanks to volunteer Ray Carpenter.  Ray has collected almost 400 toothbrushes and 100 tubes of toothpaste.  All will be used as the project teaches our elementary school students to correctly brush those young and beautiful teeth.  We want them to stay that way for a lifetime.  In total we’re hoping to reach donations of 600 toothbrushes and an equal number of tubes of toothpaste.  Anyone have any extras around??  We’ll be glad to have them.  Contact Marilyn at moc@easyliving.com


On the first Monday of every month, we have no guest speaker.  Instead, we dedicate the meeting to specific topic areas, and/or our own members are asked to tell us about themselves…share their experiences and lives with fellow members.  Tonight we had living lessons in current events: Rtns Fred and Mandy told us about what they expected to find when they return to their home in Cairo, Egypt next week. And Rtn Gabe took us through her traumatic experiences while in the eye of the storm in Australia.

Fred and Mandy spoke about the current situation in Cairo, Egypt, where they have lived for 20 years.  Since the upheaval began they’ve been continuously updated by their many Cairo friends. Fred and Mandy explained that the conditions for rebellion have been brewing there for years, and were recently exacerbated by inflated food prices which are up 43% around the world. The military is highly respected there, but supports Mubarak, a dictator reportedly worth around 70 billion dollars. The Muslim Brotherhood is less a threat than presented by media, and Egypt does not really face a choice between a thug and the Islamists. Fred said there are many political parties ready to participate in government, but they have been outlawed by Mubarak for years.

Fred and Mandy are generally optimistic about Egypt’s future, but expect much change, with economics determining much of the outcome. Although there are no homeless and no starvation, most Egyptians live on less than $2/day.  They’re reasonably confident they’ll find their home in good condition and we can expect an update when they return to Bali in early April.  We wish them a safe journey.

Gabe showed slides of flooding in Brisbane and the annual festival she’s faithfully worked on annually for the past 20 years. In spite of pouring rains and muddy grounds the show went on, though turnout was lower because of the torrents that continued to pour into the area. But loyal volunteers moved in quickly every day to clean up the mud saturated festival areas.  Gabe dragged huge plastic sheets to the river every day and hung on to them with all her strength as the rapidly flowing water rinsed off the mud.

Then the cyclones hit. Gabe showed a map of the U.S. on which she’d superimposed a satellite image of the worst of the two storms, Cyclone Yasi.  It was so huge that it covered most of the U.S.   This category 5 storm (as bad as a cyclone can get) devastated much of Queensland. Gabe said we can’t imagine the damage. And the festival site she’s been nurturing to revenue-producing maturity for two decades was wiped out.

Gabe asked our compassion for edgy Aussies we come across them.  They’ve all been severely traumatized…including our own Gabe.  She could barely keep from crying.


Next week:  Don’t miss our guest speaker, noted batik artist/author/teacher/ Buddhist monk Kiranada Sterling Benjamin, who will talk about her life and work.

On a lighter note, read the below exchange of e-mails regarding PETS (Presidents Elect and Secretaries-elect training).  These are REAL!

Dear Rotary members,

Marilyn Carson is having a PETS training in English at her house.  Please make every effort to attend.  Note that on Saturday all Rotarians are invited and on Sunday the training focus will be for Presidents-elect, Secretaries-elect, Board Members and Chairs of committees.

Hope to see you there.


I don’t quite understand.

Are we supposed to bring our pets?

My 5 Golden Retrievers?

What will she teach the dogs?

Isn’t it long from 9-4 for the dogs?

Warm greetings,


No dogs. Marilyn has dogs of her own that may not be as sweet as yours so I wouldn’t consider bringing them. Your decision whether you do or not.  We might learn something is my thought



I still don’t understand your email.

Who is Marilyn Carson?

I cannot find her in the member list.

And what do we do from 9-4 saturday and sunday

Just observing the training of Marilyn’s dogs ?

Are they being trained from 9 – 4?

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