Bulletin 08 November 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

~Anne Frank

BULLETIN 8 November, 2010

Attending: Members: Sue W., Rucina, Cat, Gabe, Donna, Janet, Philip, Rustiasa, Driya, Probo, Bruce, Patricia    Guest: Rosalind Robinson

Sue W opened the meeting with the 4 Way test (4WT)quiz.  Her stated goal is that all members will not only know the 4 questions by rote, but also use them for a happy life!

1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
4. Beneficial to all concerned?

Sue asked everyone to write down the 4WT as quick as they could.   Cat was the first to finish, winning her two extra raffle tickets!  (She did happen to open her notebook to the 4way test page – that won’t happen again?!)

FLAGS The beautiful new flags are done and printed!  Thanks again to Bruce for getting the whole process rolling, and to Janet for the printer referral.  The printer could only print and fringe the flag, so all the members pitched in at t he meeting to insert the hanger sticks and tie on string for hanging.   So now we have100 brand new flags and hope to quickly give them away to many visitors in Rotary flag exchanges!

Raffle:  Driya sold tickets, and thanked members for supporting the raffle.  Proceeds from the raffle help pay our operational expenses.  Members have been really good about donating raffle prizes, and we beg them to keep bringing them..  We all have things of value at home, that we don’t need.  Rucina and Wayan Rus brought us gifts back from their travels in Singapore and India, Donna, Patricia, Janet and Gabe also brought prize gifts.


Last week managed to raised 2.1 million for Merapi victims. Thanks to Gabe, Lloyd, Sue, Marilyn, and guest Jenny for instantly emptying your pockets to help the disaster victims.   For further info:  http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/indonesia-disaster-relief/

Maya hotel has offered its “ Indulgence Card” to Bruce and any interested member of RCBUS.  It provides a 20% discount on all Maya’s services.  (This offer only valid for RCBUS members.)

Sue will host a Thanksgiving Fellowship dinner on Thursday Nov 25 at 6 pm for members and families, and guests.  Sue will provide the turkey and the rest will be potluck.  Below is what members have signed up to bring so far.  Those not yet signed up, let Sue know what you will bring:

Rucina Sweet Potatoes
Sue Roast Turkey, drinks
Driya/Probo cupcake brownies
Lloyd something potato and roasted carrots
Philip Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie
Bruce (Real) Cranberry Salad
Jeremy: (not yet)

Rotaracters sing in 2009

The girls sing out at Ru's in 2009

Christmas Carols – Rucina will again host her annual Christmas caroling afternoon – as a fellowship for RCBUS members & families & friends and guests.  This time there will even be a piano player.  Ru’s Christmas cookies are legendary!  Start tuning up the voice now!


Marilyn sent us this interesting email from the U.S.

While I’m in the states, I take care of all my medical stuff…eyes, ears, teeth and other body parts that might need a tune-up.  Now that our club is embarking on a basic health project for kids, I enjoy telling my doctors about our plans and, as an aside, ask if they might be interested in doing volunteer work in Bali.  The responses have been delightfully surprising.  Most doctors with children still in school say they’d love to get involved but need to wait until their kids are in college.  My dentist and his dentist wife fall into that category with a youngster still in junior high …. but they sent me off with plans for the future, clean teeth and a consolation prize…a box of 75  new toothbrushes!!   Perfect for our club’s health project.

On the other hand, doctors with adult children  or who are single…they’re ready to GO! One doctor even offered to round up other MDs for a team health appraisal for kids.   Moral of the story.  People WANT to help…just give them the opportunity!


Global Grant:

A meeting was held on on Nov 5 attended by RCBUS members Janet, Sue; Dyatmika teachers: Elizabeth, Wulan, Dek Na, Ayu, and Erni, and our Evaluation Advisors Farquhar and Lily.  These amazing teachers have offered help us with the hygiene training and are developing a curriculum for the kids, which they will teach the teachers at the elementary schools.  At the meeting, we summarized the project as “To improve health by providing a consistent water supply, toilets and wash basins to schools, and  training of children and families to change and facilitate improved attitudes, habits, and practices in regards to personal hygiene.”

In short: Get water to the schools, and make sure they know how to use it properly for sanitation.   Make a difference!

Matching Grant Kelowno Ogopogo: Early morning when Cat was (barely) dressed in sarong trying to wake herself up with a cup of coffee, 2 big trucks came down her small lane, full to the brim with books for SD 4 elementary school.  Cat’s spare room has now turned into a gudang (warehouse)  Want to help her stamp books? There are 1200 books need to be stamped.  Diane Parker, from our partner club in this matching grant, will be here next week, and we will coordinate with school deliveries with her.

BIWA Pre-Christmas Bazaar Sue and Donna attended  in Kuta Galleria.  Seminyak Rotary Club had three tables and were doing a brisk business, and having a good time.  Next year we’d like to have a table or two there… Great for fundraiser, and getting out the Rotary message to the public

Getting to Know our Members (once a month no guest speaker):

Philip: Told us the story of Shelterbox in Indonesia, and why he has become a volunteer.   Philip worked with Shelterbox in Aceh after the tsunami, saw its effectiveness, and is now a volunteer for newly formed Shelterbox Indonesia.

Shelterboxes are everything-you-need-to-live-for 6- months for a family of 10, shelter, cooking implements, blankets, etc. – all contained in a heavy-duty plastic box.  One challenge with shelterbox – especially in the islands that experienced the tsunami is that they are very difficult to get delivered in disaster areas.    Roads gone, ports gone, storms…..  they need to be persistant and creative in order to find ways to deliver them.

Here's one way to deliver Shelter Boxes!cially in the tsunami hit island areas,

In Indonesia, there are several regions covered by Shelterbox. Indonesia now has permanent supplies of shelter boxes since it has so many disasters.  The volunteers from clubs in Bali cover Bali, NTB, and NTT. Their job is to do initial assessments in the hours right after a disaster, before the SRT (the main team from UK) can be deployed.  These volunteers have to ensure the needs in the field, and how shelterbox can fulfill those needs.  Shelterbox is always in need of donations to support its work – one complete shellterbox costs $1,0000

http://shelterbox.org.uk/uploads/Sources/Downloads/SpeakersHandbookv4Oct10.pdf )

Cookbook brainstorming

Donna and Janet are working on making a club cookbook as a fundraising tool. The inspiration of this idea was Donna’s mom’s Maui cookbook, which was originally created to raise money for a charity in Hawaii, and has become THE classic Hawaiian cookbook.  Lloyd suggested the title “Ubud Food”, so all of our favorites can be included.  It was suggested that we ask the our favorite restaurants in Ubud (a lot of them) to put in a recipe with story as a kind of advertorial.  Price point of the book must be under Rp 150.000, as the market is Tourists, Expats, and Locals (Indonesians).  It will be a good gift item.

So, all members and friends, please send your favorite tried and true recipes to Janet as soon as possible.

Raffle:  Cat won hands down! The prize was a set of sparklers, brought by Rucina from Singapore.  Actually she bought 2, but the one in her cabin luggage got confiscated by Customs, the other she hid way down underneath everything and it slipped through.

November Birthdays – Mr. Chu, Rucina

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