Bulletin 09 August 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm

Maya Resort, Ubud

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)


ATTENDANCE: Cat, Driya, Jeremy, Lloyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Pat, Philip, Probo, Rucina

APOLOGIES: Alisa (USA), Asri, Bruce, Dennis (USA), Don and Sue B., (USA), Donna, Gabe, Janet (Australia), Jody (USA), Kadek (in the field), Sue W (USA), Tangsi, Tjkok Raka, Rus

GUESTS: Rtn Rowan McClean RC North Balwyn, Rtn Carl Niedin, RC Lovina, Jerry, Otto Vlach, Georg Thiessen, Toshto Kobayashi, Kerry and John Girapendaal, Mandy and Fred Brauer, Guest Speaker Belkis Shah.


NEXT WEEK’S GUEST SPEAKER:  Darsi says “I helped my Balinese husband start an organic farm in a small village near Baturiti.”  She’ll tell us why she so passionately believes “If the individual initiatives succeed, the whole grows.  When the whole grows, the individuals succeed.”

PE Lloyd exchanges flags with Rtn. Rowan

FLAG EXCHANGE: Rtn Rowan McClean, RC North Balwyn, Australia, joined us this evening and LLoyd happily exchanged flags with Rowan.  Rowan’s club flag doubles as a potholder!  We had to search for a flag that hadn’t been gnawed on by rice field mice.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Raffle prizes are coming in! Pat contributed the latest prize.  Come on folks, go through your closets, drawers and kitchen and see what you can find that somebody else would just love to win as a raffle prize!  PLEASE don’t buy anything new….we’re fighting the battle of conspicuous consumption.

Amongst our guests this evening was Otto, introduced as a potable water expert.  Pat, who has been researching water purification methods, attached herself to Otto.

Cat briefly described an idea she’s called McIbu.  The goal would be to improve nutrition for school children by encouraging school canteens to sell jajan (a wide variety of traditional Indonesian sweets and cakes made from rice/sago/ubi flour, red palm sugar, coconut and bananas) instead of packaged processed snacks.

Guest Kerry, representing PP George Shaw, Rotary Club of Playford, Australia, shared information with us about an orphanage located in Gilimanuk, located many hours driving distance from Ubud.  We’ll contact PP George and put him in touch with RC Lovina.  RC Lovina is very active and very much closer to the orphanage site.

CORRESPONDENCE: Thanks to all of you who responded to Pat’s request for water purification information.

You’ve been a great help to Pat’s research.

Our very first invitation to become a Sister Club comes from RC Manningham, Australia. Are we excited, delighted, thrilled?  Absolutely YES!  We’re writing our acceptance letter and RC Manningham, through the good offices of Rtns Joady Barnes and David Rosenwax, are preparing a Sister Club banner for each of the clubs.  Special thanks go to RC Manningham Director, International Committee, Aidan Wright and the club’s board for this auspicious happening.

MUCH correspondence with TRF about the Batukesini MG funds…we could write a book about how things can and do go sideways.  Between changes of correspondent banks and a goof by Marilyn, Murphy’s Law proves to be correct:  Whatever can go wrong will go wrong!   Our international partner, Pauline Stuber, RC Ignacio, is sorting things out for us.

We’re back in action on RC Kelowno Ogopogo’s MG.  All school needs information have been collected and Rtn Mandy, RC Kelowno Ogopogo is getting fully caught up now that she’s returned from a year long road trip.  You can count on Mandy to dot every i and cross every t.

REPORTSJeremy spoke about his first site visit to the proposed Ancut water project and potential project sites in Seraya. He was impressed that even passersby would join conversations by the roadside and volunteer information about what they needed…reliable WATER supply was their first priority.   Jeremy is convinced that we can make a huge impact on people’s lives in these dry areas.

LLoyd has been discussing a Corporate Sponsorship project with our past member Lynette, an executive with LVMH in Hong Kong.  Lynette liked the concept of ‘adopting a school’ in the northeast dry area of Bali where parents are having difficulty keeping their children in school. Rotaractors are surveying schools in support

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