Bulletin 10 January 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo da Vinci

BULLETIN – January 10, 2010

Attending: Bruce, Don and Sue Bennett, Driya, Janet, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Philip, Probo, Rustiasa, Sue W

Apologies: Alisa (USA…rtng Jan 28), Jody, (USA…rtng Feb 22), Cat (meditating in Sri Lanka) Dennis (USA), Donna (USA), Gabe (Australia), Kadek (in the field), Patricia (USA for knee surgery), Rucina,(caring for husband Agung),Tjok Raka, Tangsi,

Guests: Guest speaker Rtn Rich Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest) Rtn Danielle Foss, RC Bali Ubud), Rtn Ashley Kumar, (RC Manningham, Australia) and spouse, Nima Kumar, Rtn Jorma Vakipatz (RC Helsinki Toolo Rotary), Johan Vakipatz (Sao Paulo Sul, Brazil, Rtn Ray Williams (RC Bowral-Miggagong, Australia) and spouse Jenny Williams, PE Patrick Van Kampen, (RC Seminyak), Rtn Donna Liska (RC St. Thomas, Virgin Islands), Rtn Daniel Neurer (RC Dreidlandereck Oberlausiz (Germany), Trees and Harry Stockley (Australia, but Trees originally from Makassar!), Pres Dora, (Rotaract Bali Ubud) Zsuzsa Harsman (Canada), Ryan and Lindsay Carson (Marilyn’s grandchildren! USA), Brian Feldman (Marilyn’s almost grandson! USA), Fred and Mandy Brauer..our wandering friends (Cairo Egypt, San Diego CA USA and Bali). 


Pre-meeting….Greeter Rtn Bruce was the host with the most as he greeted more guests attending this meeting than we have ever had in our short 2½ years as a club.  Thanks to Maya’s management for their rapid action…moving our meeting to a larger and very beautiful meeting room as Bruce and Sue saw we’d never all fit into our regular and equally beautiful meeting location.

Pres Sue opened the meeting asking all of us to observe a moment of silence and pray for our dear Rotarian Rucina’s husband’s recovery.

Our guests, coming from a vast array of locations, introduced themselves…Australia, Virgin Islands, Germany, Brazil, Finland and the USA. Guest introductions, for the second meeting in a row were fascinating.  Ashley Kumar let us know that he had brought bags full of sports equipment for elementary school Bukian #1 in Payangan!  Trees Stockley told us of her migration from Indonesia to Australia, Ryan Carson spoke of his previous experience in Interact, Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA and the successful efforts his local Rotary club put into annual fundraising,  Brian Feldman will explore joining Rotary on his return to the USA (way to go, Brian!), Rtn Ray Williams pointed us to an excellent Foundation website   www.theworldchallenge.co.uk ,  Rtn. Jorma (Finland) and son Rtn. Johann (Brazil) chose Bali to spend time together, and Pres Dora, Rotaract Club Ubud was happy to join us this evening.  (She got happier as the evening progressed!)

Pres Sue happily exchanged flags with three clubs….including RCs Bowral-Mittagong (NSW Australia), and Helsinki Toolo Rotary (Finland) and Germany’s RC Dreidlandereck Oberlausiz. Pres Sue explained that the club really had done previous flag exchanges, but due to the last minute change in meeting locations, there was no time to hang the flags!

IPP Marilyn had the happy task of presenting our club’s annual donation to Rotaract Club Bali Ubud.  Rotaract Pres Dora was delighted to accept a check for IDR 6,000,000 and we were delighted to give it.  This Rotaract club is amazing in what they do for our local Balinese communities and for the stupendous support they are always willing to give to our club’s projects.  We are so very proud of these young people…they’re the BEST!!

Pres Sue had all our club members fumbling for our calendars and mark them for a special Club Assembly Lunch Meeting…Saturday, February 26, the week-end after PETS.  The meeting will be held at Marilyn’s house in Bentuyung.  Details to follow.

Foundation Chair Sue Bennett reminded all of us to contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  80% of our members contributed last year and Sue is asking that we make it 100% this year.  No amount is too small (or too big!).

Sec Philip translated an article about Rotary Club Jakarta Gambir’s program funded together with Rotary in Japan to train elementary school teachers to improve their teaching skills and receive high level certification.  Teachers all felt this was worthwhile and they looked forward to returning to their classes with renewed motivation and energy.


Rtn Rich Foss proudly showed us a PowerPoint presentation about water delivery to the area of Batukesini, Karangasem.  In spite of the pouring rains we experience in the Ubud area and points south, Karangasem is dry as a bone.  (This Matching Grant project was a follow-on to an earlier Matching Grant that brought water to approximately 5,000 villagers in this poverty stricken and dry part of Bali.  The current project required drilling a deep well (no easy task as it had to pound its way through volcanic rock to reach water) and then two pumps were installed to send the water uphill to a huge holding tank.  From there the water was distributed via gravity to several local communities.  The result?…at least 500 villagers no longer have to walk for hours to bring water to their homes.  And because water is now available, the children in these communities, who had been needed to help parents in their daily trek for water, are now freed to attend school.

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