Bulletin 11 April 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm at Maya Resort, Ubud

Bulletin April 11, 2011

We scientists have found that doing a kindness produces the single most reliable
momentary increase in well-being of any exercise we have tested.
– Martin Seligman (from “Flourish”)

Attending: Sue W, Rucina, Rosalind, Donna, Zsuzsa, Bruce, Lloyd, Driya, Janet

Guests: I Nengah Latra and Jennie Van Opdorp, guest speakers from YAKKUM Bali; Bill & Judith Schneider (RC Foster City, CA)

Regrets: Alisa (Java), Marilyn (USA), Mandy & Fred (USA), Gabe (Australia), Probo, Sue & Don B. (Australia to USA), Cat (Canada), Jeremy (USA)

Announcements, Reports, and Activities

We do have a lot of fun at our meetings!

Lloyd reported on the dinner for RIPE Kalyan Banerjee and Mrs. Banerjee in Sanur, where RCBUS filled a table with our members and guests. President Elect Banerjee’s theme of Reach Within to Embrace Humanity suggests we work on ourselves first in order to be able to give more to the work we do for others. He also spoke on the effort to eradicate polio in India, where no new cases have been reported for 12 months. It was a lovely evening and a good opportunity to get a sense of the enthusiasm Mr. Banerjee brings to a very big job.

Our alternate venue at the Maya tonight was so roomy!

Pres Sue and Rtn Donna attended the Charter Club Party for the new RC Canggu at the magnificent Tugu Hotel. A gorgeous venue, a beautiful crowd, and more important, a new club with 36 members, and with lots of projects already in the cooker!  DG Al and Pres Susi Johnston both gave inspiration to us all, Rotarians and friends alike.

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2011 (RYLA) leadership training program for handicapped young people is being held this weekend. RCBUS is sponsoring Ketut Alit Ariana.

RYLA participant sponsored by RCBUS Ketut Alit Ariana

Here's a rice mill on a motorbike!

Rice Mill Grant: We’re soon to install a third rice mill.  MOUs that have been developed for this project and also for the Starfish Language School project will be sent out to members as examples for future projects. These MOUs represent a significant step in formalizing our efforts and in developing real partnerships with the Balinese we serve.

Volunteers are needed for a permaculture garden project at Tri Hita Karana involving hands-on, shovel-ready preparation of a site. Contact Pres Sue for more information.

Empty Out Those Closets: We need more prizes for RCBUS’ weekly raffle–the cupboard is bare!  Additionally, Janet asks for donations to an upcoming raffle to support medical care for the Balinese orphanages she supports via Bali Kids. Please sweep those closets clean, and bring objects for both raffles to the RCBUS meeting next week.  NEWS FLASH*** At press time we have just received a stash of raffle prizes from Zsuzsa as she prepares to return to Canada at the end of April.  THANK YOU Zsuzsa! This will take care of us for another month.

Cookbook: Rosalind and Janet gave an update on the cookbook project which is moving along briskly.  We can still use more recipes, as some have been deleted for various reasons. June 1 is the deadline for submitting recipes to the publisher.

Guest Speakers

Volunteer Jenny

Pak Latra

YAKKUM Volunteer Jennie Van Opdorp introduced Mr. I Nengah Latra and YAKKUM Bali with a slide presentation illustrating their work with Bali’s disabled. There are over 30,000 people on Bali who have been disabled because of poverty, road and work accidents, and natural disasters. There are still many crippling polio cases here as well.

Pak Latra, who founded the organization in 1999, described how they have been able to serve 1026 people, mostly under the age of 36, with education programs in SLBs (schools for special needs), medical treatment including mobility aids (many of which are produced in their own Mambal workshop), and economic empowerment (by teaching skills and finding employment). Their 13 staff are all physically disabled, as is at least one of the four field workers who do community outreach.

They expect to have a new facility in October of 2012 which will allow for a larger prosthetics workshop, and for more outreach to serve a greater number of people. Janet suggested they put up a Facebook page, an idea they greeted enthusiastically.

Jenny talked about disability as a social construct, meaning that it can also be created by the way we do things, with barriers in our environment, attitudes, and institutions. She referenced the very positive role played by programs such as the RYLA program this weekend, and noted that Ketut Alit, whom RCBUS  is sponsoring, is one of YAKKUM Bali’s field workers. Having lost his leg in a motor bike accident, he is an excellent role model in the community outreach he performs.

We were all quite inspired by the wonderful work being done by this organization.

Flag Exchange: Judith Schneider presented Pres Sue with a flag and pin from RC Foster City in exchange for our RCBUS flag. Foster City’s flag generated much comment and interest, as it’s shaped like an apron.  Their club is famous for their mobile barbecue fundraisers.  Judith and Bill have been frequent guests at our meetings and are now headed back to the USA. We’ll miss them and look forward to their return!

Happy Janet and her raffle prize!

Raffle: Pres Sue won the raffle prize which she decided wasn’t fair since she donated it! So Jennie drew again and Janet won some delicious exotic tea.

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