Bulletin 11 October 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“One of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

BULLETIN 11 October, 2010

Attending: Bruce, Donna, Marilyn, Rustiasa, Philip, Patricia, Lloyd, Sue W., Gabe.

Apologies: Alisa, Jody, Dennis, Don and Sue B. , Jeremy (USA) Mr. Chu (Beijing), Janet ( sleeping), Kadek (in the field), Asri, Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Rucina, Driya and Probo (Java) Cat (hurting)

Pres. Sue took her time to welcome members tonight,  since the speaker had not arrived by meeting time.  It turned out that our guest speaker had something come up at the last minute, so she could not come.  So we took this opportunity to do a “Get to Know More About Us” theme, and also discuss project issues.


’s son Nino got married yesterday, and she has informed us she will be sleeping for the next 2 days.  Hope she was able to do just that.

Cat fell down and cracked her rib (Donna asked if it happened after the 4 martinis at Mozaic with her? Oops!”)    Even with her cracked rib, Cat managed to help Campuhan College checking some documents! What a spirit!

Rucina’s donor is in town, so we don’t get to see her these days as she is close to 24/7 shepherding them.

Driya and Probo are attending Driya’s brother wedding in Java, back to
Bali Oct 18.

Donna: We would like to hold a Christmas Carol Fundraiser around the 25th December.  Anyone with ideas /resources to contribute, please pass on to Donna.

Our Wayan Rustiasa is leaving in 2 days for Rajasthan, India for 3 weeks.  He will join 25,000 other people dingo a pilgrimage to the Raj Yoga center in Mount Abu. When questioned about his round about route to Rajastan (Denpasar-Singapore-Mumbai-some local airport-6 hour bus to the location) Rus answered, ”What do you expect with USD 600 round trip?”  This is Rus’s 2nd pilgrimage to India.

Belkis Shah, our contact for the Prem Rawat Foundation, is in town. Cat / Pat will contact her to talk further about the water project they are interested in.

Reports :

Lloyd on Election: Nominations for next year have been received,  The deadline was Oct. 4.  Ballots should be forthcoming in emails, and returned on line.  For positions that are still vacant, the board will make nominations at a later date.

Marilyn on Global Grant: Our current version on Global Grant project in Payangan consists of 2 parts: (a) providing clean water to schools (wells, water tower, pumps, pipe, etc) (b) basic hygiene education (e.g. how to maximize the clean water,  we provided to enhance the kids’ health). This form was attained after a series of confusing drafts which was rejected by Rotary International.  With Kathleen (LJGT) and Sue’s help, the application has been submitted again.  And  we wait!

Flag: Bruce showed us the sample made by Daito Printing, which was gorgeous! The colors came out crisp and bright! What’s left now is to attach the fringe and some stick for hanging.

Website: please visit our website which has been newly updated with a new banner put up by Ching.  Don’t forget, if you are a Facebook user, please “Share” our Projects page!  (If  you are reading this on our web site, just look up on top and you can see the new banner!)

Meeting Attendance: Patricia reported that she’s getting pretty good at guessing how many will come to the meeting, but it is still imperative that members call Patricia if  not attending. Patricia’s phone is always charged and awaiting these calls.  Help us keep Maya wanting to continue to support us!

Pres. Sue quizzed us on the 4 Way Test.   Looks like she wants to make sure all members know and understand all 4 questions.   (The Ubud Rotaracters always use this as their meeting opener, and adding number 5: “Is it fun?”)

After Gabe successfully listed the 4 questions, we talked about “Is it the truth?” and how it applies to our projects.  Members agreed that  “being true” means we always must do due dilligence before even starting a project.  That way, when the project starts, we can say truthfully that the community truly needs this, all resources gathered properly, and project implementation is monitored so it can run as planned.

Patricia gave an example of a recent proposed water project. Since
she is no plumber, she has no idea how the budget submitted compared with market prices.   When an expert on water filtration checked the budget for us, he found that prices for some items were way above the current market price. (It turned out that  labor cost had been included, and an amended budget has been submitted.)  Philip emphasized that the proper protocol for budgeting is to always have bids from at least 3 different vendors – that way you can see what is the real market price range.

Raffle prize : Patricia won the raffle prize this week, and we raised Rp 260.000

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