Bulletin 13 September 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset


District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Gandhi


ATTENDANCE: Bruce, Donna, Driyia, Gabe, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Patricia, Philip, Probo, Rucina, Rustiasa, Sue W

APOLOGIES: Alisa (USA), Asri, Cat (Alaska), Dennis (USA), Don and Sue B. (USA), Janet (U.K.), Jody (USA), Kadek (in the field), Tangsi, Tjkok Raka

GUESTS: DG Al Purwa, Rtn Marina Purwa, (RC Bali Kuta), AG Conchita De Jong (RC Bali Lovina), Meghan Pappenheim, Bali Ubud Rotaracts Sandiasa, Tika Joe, Treasurer Made Rohani, PP Moyo, IPP Arcana, Made Lesoh, Bojig, Indah, Fitri, Ade


This meeting was the long awaited visit by DG Al Purwa accompanied by his delightful wife Rtn Marina. Together they make quite a team. The DG is a high flyer and Marina keeps his feet on the ground…especially during Al’s recuperation from eye surgery.

As planned, DG Al met first with President Sue and Secretary Philip where the mysterious numbers on our SARs (Semi-Annual Report) were clarified by AG Conchita.  From there they dived into our club’s Planning Guide for Effective Clubs and the DG worked hard at trying to get Pres Sue to raise the bar on anticipated membership growth and donations.  Pres Sue held fast…no changes.  If we do better than planned, we’ll be heroes.  If we fail to meet pie in the sky numbers, we’ll be bums.

This elite group was then joined by the club’s board members and the real fun began.  DG Al shared many interesting and amusing stories gleaned from meetings with other clubs….all so very positive.  One of the stories involved a Philippine club where every member was also a member of the Paul Harris Society, thus guaranteeing an annual $1,000 donation for as long as each one lived.   Per Al, “You would have many people praying for you to live longer so you could donate more.”    That was a story good enough to recruit one of our board members into the Paul Harris Society.  (The DG is a super salesman.)

The DG suggested some creative ideas for fundraisers, well received in our club because though we’re rich in project funding, but very poor in operations money.  It also seems that our club has the lowest club dues in all of Indonesia…and we’re not likely to raise them!

Right on schedule Pres Sue moved us on to fellowship and the regular club meeting.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Pres Sue reminded everyone about the Bigger, Better, Bolder Seminar at the end of the week.

We’re down to our last club banners!  With Janet overseas Pres Sue asked who would fill the breach and follow through on a new order.  Our intrepid Bruce raised his hand….it’s as good as done.

Did you notice the change in the header of this Bulletin?  We’ve now added the address of our new website.  Check it out!  Although not perfect, it’s close!

CORRESPONDENCE:  Rtn Stewart Martin wrote to tell us the Bayung Gede water project DSG Final Report had been accepted by his District…probably the longest running water project we’ve ever done.  This project was a non-stop drama, but the most important fact is that it was a huge success…in spite of Murphy’s Law, Mother Nature’s interference and any number of cultural and political surprises.

Rtn Stefan Leister’s interest in a Youth Exchange Project has everyone excited.  Rtn Donna will be our point person as we learn how this works.  We’ve never done one before!   Stefan, who is Multi-District Coordinator for all Germany/Asian Rotary exchanges will be a great teacher.

SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE DG:  VP Rucina took front and center and delivered a solo Rap to DG Al.  (The rest of us chimed in with the chorus.)  Either Rucina’s message was as hilarious as WE thought it was or it was tremendously touching…Al was reduced to tears.

BACK TO DG AL: Our DG took over the mike and got us back to serious business.  He started off with the comment, “Thanks for the very amicable atmosphere, a delightful experience.”  He then presented Pres Sue with the “Building Communities…Bridging Continents” banner. The banner had a life of its own and would not stay quietly hung over a chair back…so anxious was it to get us started building and bridging!

A second presentation to Pres Sue was the District 3400 Directory.  Although DG Al didn’t specifically say so, we all knew how hard he worked to deliver this Directory timely.  (In some cases, it was like pulling teeth!)

And finally, the DG presented Pres Sue with a beautiful Building Communities… Bridging Continents scarf which she immediately and tastefully wrapped around herself.

Al gave us a great pep talk covering several very important Rotary topics; the three B’s and how they relate to RI’s plans; how the three B’s  relate to District 3400’s long term plans; how we as a club can implement the three BBs; and last but not least, the importance of making significant progress towards eradicating  polio.

Our club then posed questions to DG Al:

Q. How can clubs share project information so we don’t run into each other on the mountainsides of Bali with overlapping projects and how can District 3400 help clubs share project ‘lessons learned’ …both good and bad?

A.  The DG suggested submitting project information to the District 3400’s website.  (This year the website is looking good, but we all know that websites are like babies….they need frequent changes…a huge and long term commitment….?)

Q.  Bali has many orphanages and many not-so-good stories about some of them.  How can we differentiate the good from the less than good orphanages?  And how do orphanages fit the Rotary sustainability requirement?

A.  Many children in orphanages are not orphans in the true sense of the word.  Parents will bring their children to an orphanage if they are too poor to feed and clothe them.  To evaluate an orphanage, the management must be meticulously checked…do they have good systems in place; do they have a good track record?  Working with an orphanage requires extreme due diligence since there is so little enforced government regulation.   If an orphanage appears to pass the due diligence test, try them out with a very small project and watch the results.

If a project can strengthen management or alleviate some of the financial burden in a well run orphanage, that counts as sustainable.

Q. (Posed by Rtn Probo.) How did you become a Rotarian?

A.  In 1989 several very friendly men, all Rotarians, came to my office.  I had very little knowledge about Rotary and what it was all about.  Before they left my office, I was the Charter President of a new club just being formed, RC Bali Kuta.  I learned about Rotary through on- the-job training and after a year as Charter President, I felt I had learned a lot, not only about how Rotary works, but what it means to be a Rotarian.   As IPP I continued to learn and then suddenly the President of the club died so once again I was a club President.  The rest is history.

THE GROUP PICTURE: We all gathered for the group picture, including the anxious banner.  And here we are!  No question, a good time was had by all.

NEXT WEEK’S GUEST SPEAKER:  Sarah Tooth, Co-Director at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and our own Gabe Monson, Volunteer Coordinator for the Festival, will tell us about the highlights of this now famous upcoming event….and maybe  even share with us some of the ‘behind the scenes’ tales.

NEXT MEETING at Maya Hotel

Sept 20 at 6.30pm

As always, if you’re bringing guests or are unable to attend, please advise Patricia no later than Monday at 10 a.m. so she can tell Maya how many will be joining us. (08133 850 7769)

Speakers and Upcoming Events

Sept 20        Sarah Tooth …Co-Director, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Sept 27        Brent Whittaker, Bali Kid’s project   Children and HIV in Bali

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