Bulletin 14-March-2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“A story to me means a plot where there is some surprise.
Because that is how life is – full of surprises.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

BULLETIN 14 March 2011

Attending: Alisa, Bruce, Don and Sue B, Janet, Jody, LLoyd, Marilyn, Philip, Rosalind, Sue W, Zsuzsa

Apologies: Cat, Mr. Chu, Dennis (USA), Donna, Driya, Gabe, Mandy and Fred Brauer (Cairo, Egypt), Jeremy, Kadek (in the field), Patricia, Probo, Rucina (Singapore with Agung for surgery), Rustiasa, Tjok Raka, Tangsi

Guests: Rtn Autumn Reitensnyder (RC Avalon, USA), Rtn David Lock and wife Ann (RC Kenmore Brisbane, Australia), Rtn Royce Allan and wife Lyn (RC Kenmore Brisbane, Australia), Rtn Barbara Bertrang and husband Heinz-Peter Rauck (RC Stuttgart Solitude).Rtns Bill and Judith Schneider (RC Foster City, USA), Rtn Antje von Lukowicz (RC Bali Ubud)


Pres Sue opened the meeting with a moment of silence asking all of us to pray for the victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan and for Rtn Rucina’s husband who is again undergoing surgery in Singapore.

Lots of lovely guests this evening and Pres Sue stopped all of us in our tracks during introductions as husbands proceeded to introduce themselves and their wives.  “Thank you gracious husbands”, said Sue, “but in our clubs we like to ask everyone to introduce themselves.  Wives are people too.” Good for a laugh and the wives brilliantly introduced themselves.

Guest Rtn Autumn (RC Avalon, USA) and Pres Sue exchanged flags.  Autumn must have felt right at home in Bali…she also lives on an island, Catalina located just off of southern California’s coastline.

Rtns Janet and Jody updated us on progress towards the Cook Book publication. Still lots of details to deal with but the committee now has Jody’s project management expertise to guide us. Restaurateur Janet has the final editorial say on the actual recipes.  And if you want to see what some of these dishes actually look like, check out the website www.rotarybaliubudsunset.org Taste testing resulted in accolades (and consumed calories) for those recipes we tried out.

About the Global Grant, IPP Marilyn said we were on the cusp of starting water project construction at four schools.  But once again…visits need to be made to our favorite Village Chief, Made Gunawan, the school principals and teaching staff and members of the local communities.  Never let it be said that communication with our project beneficiaries is given short shrift!

We are actively seeking partners for a water project in the village of Temekus.  The objective is to provide water to a village of 700 and we still need an additional US$2500 to make this project happen!  If you can and want to help, contact Marilyn moc@easyliving.com for detailed information.  She’ll send you the complete project proposal for your review and consideration.

Charter President and new Honorary member Asri (right) with Pres #2 Marilyn and 3rd Pres Sue

PE Lloyd was delighted to let us know that PP and RCBUS Charter President Asri accepted our invitation to be our very first Honorary Member.  Asri’s response to the invitation…

Thank you for your delightful email. I would be honoured and overwhelmed to accept your offer of becoming an Honorary member of Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset. Resigning from the club was not a decision I took lightly. The club has a very special place in my heart and always will. It feels so strange not to be a Rotarian any more. So now I can proudly say I am an Honorary Rotarian of the best Rotary Club I know!!

I am so proud of the club and of you all who are taking the club to heights we couldn’t have imagined when we sat down to plan it. Thank you all for accepting me in to the club in this capacity. I will be so proud to be still involved and associated with all of you!! I hope to come to a meeting soon.

With many humble thanks and very best wishes,


What is a club president’s worst nightmare? Our guest speaker cancelled at the last possible moment, but Pres Sue was quick on her feet and asked our guests to tell us about their clubs and project activities.  Our Rotarian guests wowed us as they shared their own activities with us.

Rtns David Lock and Royce Allen (RC Brisbane, Australia) told us about how their club pitched in to help feed volunteers and Queensland communities during their recovery from devastating floods and typhoons this past November and December.    They also focus on education by providing school supplies to students in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Rtns Bill and Judith Schneider (RC Foster City, USA) told us how their club has more major donors than all clubs in France combined!  The club is currently raising funds for Japan, not forgetting Japanese Rotary Club’s generosity when San Francisco experienced a serious earthquake in 1989.

Rtn Barbara Bertrang (RC Stuttgart, Germany) spoke about how enjoyable Rotary is where age and gender make no difference and the camaraderie makes work into fun.  Barbara’s club places emphasis on education in less fortunate European countries and has partnered with RC Prague in Czechoslovakia.

Rtn Autumn (RC Avalon, USA) said her club’s project attention was health focusing on Mexico.  In keeping with Rotary’s motto, Service Above Self, Autumn brought a donation for Bumi Sehat, the famous birthing clinic in Ubud.  See  www.bumisehatbali.org for more information about Bumi Sehat.


New members orientation on March 17th at Pres Sue’s house (NOT limited to new members …old members with faltering memories are also invited).

Club Assembly Part II on March 29th at Lloyd’s house, 6 – 8 p.m.

District Assembly on April 29-30 (Bandung)

District Conference on June 10 and 11…get your registration forms and payment to Pres Sue ASAP to take advantage of the Early Bird special pricing.  (Bali)

Rotary Institute Region 7A on Dec. 2 (Bali)

AND Rotary International PE Kalyan Banerjee will be visiting Bali on April 7.  We’re waiting for final details…where and what time!

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