Bulletin 15 August 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus

BULLETIN 15 August 2011

Attending: Bill, Fred and Mandy, Gabe, Janet, Lloyd, Marilyn, Philip, Rosalind, Rucina, Rustiasta, Sue W.

Apologies: Alisa (USA), Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Cat (Singapore), Mr. Chu, Don and Sue (USA), Donna, Driya and Probo, Jeremy, Jody, (USA), Kadek (in the field), Patricia, (USA), Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuzsa (Canada)

Guests: Rtn Joady Barnes and spouse Marg (RC Manningham, Australia) , Rtns Bill and Judith Schneider (RC Foster City, USA), Rtn Danielle Foss (RC Bali Ubud), Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest, USA), Rtn Bruno Rivoire and daughter Alice (RC Lyon, France), Jonas Sawyer, Kelly McDonald, Ella Monson (our Rtn Gabe’s daughter!), Darren (next week’s guest speaker), Louise, Ela, and Guest Speaker Dipika Rai


WHOA!!!  We had another standing room only turnout at our meeting …which was terrific unless you were one of those standing.  Please dear club members, remember to let Pres LLoyd know (when YOU know) that guests will be joining our meeting.  E-mail LLoyd by Monday 10 a.m. at lloyd@designsolutionspt.com with your information.  If we’re well planned in advance it will give us more time to welcome and chat with our guests.

And speaking of welcoming our guests, we are in desperate need of a GREETER while Rtn Patricia is in the USA and Rtn Bruce is regaining his health.  Any volunteers??  It’s a fun job.

Our Rtn Cat was in Singapore meeting with RC Padan Valley. We’re hoping to do a hands-on project with this club. We’ll get the scoop at the coming meeting!

Mandy Brauer

Rtns Mandy and Bill updated us on the Mel Wolf book project activities.  Rtn Mandy had her first exposure to the Rotaracts and, like the rest of us, thought they were terrific.  She explained how we would turn the ‘reading for pleasure’ books over to the Rotaracts who would then incorporate them into their Mobile Library project (mobile in that they all show up on their motorbikes…the books will have to arrive by car).

Bill Page

Rtn Bill is in hot pursuit of additional sources of Indonesian language health books for this project. Rtn Rustiasa is our cultural reviewer of health publications…to insure content is culturally appropriate. The final word on selection will be made by our ‘point person’ Principal Ketut. Based on his many years of experience as a top teacher and principal, Ketut will know which books deliver the greatest impact to our beneficiary elementary-level children.

Lists of  potential ‘reading for pleasure’ books are coming from marvelous sources…Nirmala Kirti, Gramedia, Erlangga, Ganesha…all respected suppliers of children’s books. We are so grateful to vendors for their outstanding cooperation as we move towards final book selection.

Our dear friend Ray Carpenter, RN, has again come forward with a donation of over 200 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste for the Global Grant in process in Kerta! Ray has every dentist in the Sonoma, CA area tuned in to our needs and we are thankful to Ray for her great connections stateside. (Ray is also fearless and tends to make herself comfortable in dental offices until those toothbrushes are handed over!) Thanks Ray for keeping us in mind and hauling all the goodies back to Bali.

Philip Yusenda

Those of us in Bali have relied on a special mailing list to send and receive club and district information. Mailings reach every club in the district and truly tie us together. Sadly, the long time moderator resigned from his responsibilities for health reasons (vision difficulties) and for all of July and half of August we have been unable to broadcast information, a serious loss of communication.  Well, the problem is solved!!! None other than our own Sec Philip Yusenda has stepped in to fill the gap. Not only is Philip willing to give time to this job but he also has the skills…Philip is a dedicated and knowledgeable Rotarian, is bilingual (Indonesian and English) and can distinguish the wheat from the chaff.  Thanks, Philip, for opening the lines of communication!

Rtn Rosalind announced the sales campaign for the Cookbook is soon to begin!  Books are printed and on their way to Rtn Jody Baush in Seattle, who will manage distribution. We have it from a reliable source that one of those books is hoping to soon be in YOUR kitchen.  Here’s a cookbook promotional piece (pdf)….we hope you find it mouth watering.

We in RC Bali Ubud Sunset often take credit where credit is not totally ours to take. Our wonderful young partners in Rotaract Club Bali Ubud frequently guide our club through a complex culture, keeping us from committing cultural errors and insuring we understand the ‘right way.’ It’s the Rotaractors that go where our older Rotary members fear to tread…up and down steep ravines, tracking down water sources, working out project kinks and surprises where the most polite level of Balinese language must be spoken.

Rotaracts - Our Crucial "Other Half"

It is often through the Rotaracts that we are introduced to highly proactive village leaders, educators and medical experts…the very people who make projects successful in our Balinese communities. And the Rotaracts themselves represent an amazing array of skills. Amongst them are teachers, computer experts, architects, graphic designers and more.

There is nothing more fun than working with these young people.  They are filled with energy, good humor, great ideas and excellent common sense.  Between the two clubs, Rotaract and RCBUS, we strike a remarkably effective balance: the Rotaracts’ contributions empower the abilities of the Rotarians. And the best of all, we’re all great friends!


Indian author Dipika Rai spoke to us about her first novel “Somebody Else’s Garden.”  The title of the book reflects the view of  a low caste, poor and abusive father and the insignificant value he places on his daughters. The darker nuances of the culture are clearly described by Rai who believes history should be kept alive for future generations through literature.

Rai was born, raised and educated in India. She worked as a journalist and in banking before she was invited to Jakarta. After working for seven years in Jakarta, Rai moved on to Bali and has been here with us for the last 15 years. She divides her time between Bali and India.

Apparently her family members were also great storytellers and had amazing stories to tell.  During the 1947 partition of India, her father’s family fled from Lahore to Delhi.  Driven by a Sikh who was considered a neutral by both Muslims and Hindus, the family was hidden in an ice-making truck. Rai’s mother’s family, working with UNICEF, established educational institutions in Mumbai which continue to operate.

Asked about the Hindi language, Rai said it has its own idiosyncrasies as in any language.  For example there are at least 20 words for love but only one for greeting.  Speaking of family debts, Rai explained that debts were ‘inherited’ from generation to generation (although deemed illegal).

Those members who have read Rai’s book strongly recommend it, and indeed she was kept busy autographing copies.  The book is not only a good read but provides insight into yet another complex Hindu culture.

* BIG * Rotary Events Coming Up

First The Rotary Institute is scheduled for December 2 to 5.  There will be 1400 Rotarians coming from Zone 6B (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangledesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos), Zone 7A (Indonesia and Phillippines) and Zone 10B (Hongkong, Macau, Mongolia, China and Taiwan).   It’s a great honor for Bali to host the Institute and a great opportunity for us to meet Rotarians from other districts and countries.  If it comes off anything like the District Conference last June, attendees can count on having a heck of a lot of fun!

And practically in our backyard, the Rotary International Conferencewill be held in Bangkok May 6 to 92012.  It’s not likely to get much closer to Bali for years to come so if you can, REGISTER!  Many of our international project partners will attend and it will be our chance to meet them face to face and thank them for all their past help and support.

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