Bulletin 16 January 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400 / No. 79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30 p.m.-  Maya Resort, Ubud

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand” Mark Twain

Bulletin 16 January 2012

Attending: Antje, Augie, Bill, Bruce, Danielle, Janet, LLoyd, Marilyn, Mary L, Mary Jane, Rucina, Rustiasa, Sue B, Sue W, Zsuzsa

Apologies: Alisa (in USA and recovering nicely), Allan, Cat (caring for sister in Canada, Mr. Chu (casting his vote for president in Taipei), Don, Donna (in Hawaii), Fred, Gabe (in Australia), Jody (in USA mailing cook books!), Kadek (in the field), Mandy, Patricia, Philip (took Sylvia to the doc), Probo and Driya, Rosalind (Bali belly) Tjok Raka,

Guests: Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest USA), Jeff Kiffer, Leslie and Chrissie Vick (Australia), Dr. Helga Ohlrogge, Joyce and Michael Johnsey (Ubud), Catherine (Ubud), Muriel Knowler, Coral Westaway, Elena Tejera and Gonzalo Picardo (Spain).


A joyous opening with a huge welcome back to our own dear Bruce!  Seventy pounds lighter and not much in the way of hair on his handsome head, but there he was…in fine fettle, sense of humor totally intact and that silver tongue rolling off clever comments.  Bruce’s partner Catherine, ever on the lookout for Bruce’s well being was all smiles as the club applauded and blew kisses to the both of them.

PP Marilyn again asked that every club member please try and make a donation to Every Rotarian Every Year.  It would be grand to have 100% of our members contributing.  Thus far about 50% of our membership has given and any donation amount is appreciated.  We need to remember that it’s these donations that make it possible for Rotary International to fund our projects!  Thus far, since the club’s charter three and a half years ago, we’ve received back ten times the total amount we’ve contributed!  That’s a huge return on investment!

The annual PETS meeting (President Elect Training Seminar) in Surabaya is just around the corner and everyone is invited to attend.  The draft program has been released and of course PE Rosalind will be there.

Secretary Elect Augie is torn…Bali Deli, his and Jeff Kifer’s new business, is planning to launch Jan. 30th, and as super a Rotarian as Augie is, it is likely he’ll need to be attending to the opening of the new business…perfectly understandable!

Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by - who else - Rotary!

IPP Sue W had great news to share.  Our Sister Club RC Manningham, through the good offices of Joady Barnes, applied for a DSG (District Simplified Grant) that would fund water tanks and composting toilets in Sumba.  Sadly, the project application was turned down.  The invincible Joady continued to talk with fellow clubs in his district and sure enough, RC Doncaster agreed to participate and the Sumba project is alive and moving forward!    Additional help for Sumba may be forthcoming via a proposal our club submitted to the Australian Consulate.  We’re waiting for their funding decision…fingers crossed.

Culinary Crossroads

Rtn Janet has been selling cookbooks like hotcakes and we all thank her for supporting our fundraiser!  She handed over 1.5 million to Sue for sales of 15 books!  (rupiah, that is..)

From local artist/author Tamarra Kaida came a donation of five copies of her new book, ‘Ogoh-ogoh,” (Indonesian version)  to be donated to elementary schools in Bali.   Each of the five elementary schools targeted in our club’s Global Grant project will be receiving one.  If you haven’t seen this book, you’re missing a remarkable array of pictures and cultural information about the Balinese New Year’s eve tradition where frightening creatures are paraded through the village crossroads to scare away bad spirits as Bali prepares for its annual New Year day of silence.  Tamarra has a beautiful preview of her book on her web site.

Pres LLoyd shared the amazing and heartwarming news that India has been polio free for one full year!  To be announced totally polio free,, another two years with zero cases must follow but Rotarians will continue to keep a sharp eye and insure the availability and administration of vaccine.  It wasn’t for nothing that Rotary volunteers went door to door to reach every child for the past many years!

PROJECTS: Three of our projects are moving successfully along

* Water Project:  .  A quite remarkable Australian friend, Trees Shockley and PP Marilyn visited the village of Tenganan Duah Tukad where water is only intermittently available.  Trees has returned to Australia to report back to RC Bowral Mittagong and we are hopeful we will soon begin work to insure a constant water supply to all villagers.

* The Mel Wolf Foundation project is in its final phases as post-tests are now underway with approximately 1,000 children.  We want to know if the basic hygiene training for these children has made behavioral differences…especially about handwashing.

Children practice the right way to wash their hands.

* Global Grant: And last, our Global Grant that brought water, toilets, hand washing basins and basic hygiene training to five elementary schools is winding down.  No surprise, a few glitches have been encountered.  We’re not totally happy with the faucets that were used in construction so many will be replaced.  A cultural oversight on our part found the soap dishes installed in the toilets rather than at the wash basins!  In most Balinese compounds bathing is done in the same location as the toilets so it made perfect sense to the village workers to mount the soap dishes in each toilet!  We’ll go back and add soap dishes to the 23 wash basins at the five schools.  (We’re SERIOUS about kids washing their hands at every opportunity).


Rtn Bill told us about the ongoing HIV/AIDS/STD committee efforts.  Starting last October, the committee has been meeting with many local NGOs who are, in one way or another, focused on the HIV problem.   Our purpose was to learn how effective these NGOs felt their efforts had been and identify ‘gaps’ in prevention/ treatment of HIV/AIDS.   Rtn Bill described the three components our club committee has determined would fill these gaps in prevention/treatment of HIV.  These are:

Phase 1: In Ubud, replicate a successful clinic located in the south of Bali where anonymous free testing, counseling and medication are available.

Phase 2: Provide outreach support for infected people.

Phase 3: Reach young people and adult men in villages to encourage testing and safe sexual practices.

This will be a BIG job but it is needed and necessary, particularly in the Regency of Gianyar where Ubud is located.  Very little work is being done in this Regency and the disease continues to spread unabated.  Rtn Bill will report next week on a meeting with government officials at the Provincial and Regency levels to discus project intentions and obtain their input and advice.

Stay tuned for the results of this very important meeting!

And a very happy birthday to our Prez

Rtn Rucina took the floor to announce Pres LLoyd’s birthday and led us all in a round of Happy Birthday, first in English and then in Indonesian.  LLoyd, blushing mightily and smiling broadly, spoke of remembering when his father reached the half century mark and how, as a child, he thought his father was really getting old.  That perception clearly has changed for LLoyd and we all agree…he’s just a pup!

Guest Speaker  KOMANG ARY

Komang  Ary is a young art collector whose passion is the preservation of old Balinese clan and classical art. He shared with us his vision about collecting, preserving and discovering the precious history behind these wonderful pieces of art.

Unfortunately, Komang’s computer and our projector were not compatible, so after several unsuccessful attempts, Komang just picked up his laptop so we could see the photos on the screen.  It was a bit hard for him to fully express himself while holding his computer, and Mary Jane stepped up to the plate to hold his Mac.

His passion carries a wish to both preserve and educate both residents and visitors to the beauty and rich history of the pieces he collects. He gave us a fascinating history and art lecture on both the anatomy of art pieces and the century old cultures they originated from.

He spoke of the impact that geography and weather can have on Indonesian art and architecture and depending on the region’s climate you can trace regional personalities and trends. He showed us some examples from the Singaraja region where the work reflects a more wild, passionate risk taking form in the art.  This was iIn comparison to the Gyanyar /Kungkung area where he art has a more classical flavor.

Komang’s audience was fascinated with the beauty and history of the pieces Komang presented. His talk ended with a huge round of applause and a request for an opportunity to see and learn more from this amazing young man.  Rtn. Rucina followed up with Komang and asked if he would be willing to give a ‘walking lecture tour” of his gallery. Komang was delighted to do so…and thus bringing all of us to an even higher level of Balinese art appreciation!  See below for date, time and place.

Komang Ary “Walking Lecture Tour”

Komang will conduct a “walking lecture tour” through his gallery in Lod Tunduh on Saturday, January 28th at 10:00 a.m. The Gallery is on the west side of the street (right side as you leave Ubud/Pengosekan) and is called KOMANG ARY INDONESIAN ARTS GALLERY .  His website is www.komangary.com (be sure to look at recent sales pieces…stunning work!)    Note: This is NOT a pitch to sell his antiques,  but an opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of Balinese art.

More BIG * Rotary Events Coming Up

And practically in our backyard, the Rotary International Conference will be held in Bangkok May 6 to 9, 2012.  It’s not likely to get much closer to Bali for years to come so if you can, REGISTER!  Many of our international project partners will attend and it will be our chance to meet them face to face and thank them for all their past help and support.

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