Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

All generalizations are false, including this one.


Attending: Alisa, Cat, Mr. Chu, Donna, Fred and Mandy Brauer, Gabe, LLoyd, Marilyn Patricia, Philip, Rosalind, Rucina, Sue W

Apologies: Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Don and Sue Bennett (USA), Jody (USA), Dennis (USA), Driya, Janet (traveling through Europe with her darling daughter), Jeremy, Kadek (in the field), Probo, Tjok Raka, Rustiasa, Tangsi, Zsuzsa (Canada)

Guests: Rtn Lori Banasazek (RC Parkland Spanaway, USA), Linda Banasazek Skjei


PE LLoyd opened the meeting with news that Pres Sue’s flight had just arrived from Hong Kong and she was on her way from the airport to Ubud.  So, LLoyd told us, we would have a spontaneous meeting based on a spontaneous agenda.  Hey, that works!  This membership has no difficulty entertaining one another.

Since Mary Jane Edleson’s presentation on wing beans, many of us have turned into garden farmers.  The experts amongst us like Rtn Cat and Rtn Patricia can always be counted on to share seedlings and tonight Cat brought pink ginger (stunning flower!) and Patricia is starting eggplant.  Let her know if you want one for YOUR garden.  Those of us who had planted wing beans reported on progress…they’re coming up…  and soon several of us will be sharing passion fruit.  Now if we can get Pres Sue to start some cherry tomatoes for us…..

Rtn Zsuzsa isn’t letting any grass grow under her feet (Never mind that she’s in Vancouver, and there probably isn’t much grass there yet anyway!)  She sent us a photo, looking very different from her Bali self, all bundled up for the cold, as she exchanged flags with RC Saanich.

VP Rucina is climbing the corporate NGO ladder and is assuming her new position as consultant with the Anneke Linden Foundation that provides such splendid support to YKIP, YAKUM and other NGOs under the Foundation’s umbrella. Ru’s intimate knowledge with the operation of the various NGO’s will be of huge help to the Foundation’s management.

The Cook Book is bubbling right along and Rosalind needs a couple of writers to address things like culture and customs.  Ru and Cat volunteered and with Ros as chief chef you’ll be hearing from her if you don’t deliver.  She is TOUGH!

Mango Slaw

The not-as-yet-but-soon-to-be-named cookbook will be at the publishers sometime next month, since we are aiming for a launch sometime in September.  Pre-orders will be possible soon.  Keep checking the bulletin for the latest info. Since it is much too expensive to put beautiful color pictures in the book, we will soon be establishing a web site, and enticing pictures of the recipes will be available there – pictures like this one at right…..

As Pres Sue came bounding through the door, she was greeted by a round of applause and not taking a moment to catch her breath, directed our attention to two projects: the 3rd mobile rice mill and its successful Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Temukus water project with its exceptionally fine project description developed by Rtn Dennis.  (We’d all like to prepare a project description like Dennis’s but he’s set the bar awfully high!  Something to aim for….)

Pres Sue explained that developing an MOU with a project beneficiary was helpful to clarify responsibilities….who does what, how does it get done and by when should it be done.   This one worked perfectly…the project was completed right on schedule and we will soon be visiting the beneficiaries in the village of Buangga in Petang to share in the ceremony that must precede putting the rice mill to work.  We’re planning to join the villagers for a celebration of the rice mill arrival on Monday morning, May 30.

Rotarian Mandy's Rotarian father at his induction into Rotary

Pres Sue asked Rtn Mandy to tell us about her father whose picture graced our website. Clearly there’s a lot to tell! Mandy explained that the picture was taken in 1939 when her father (not Abraham Lincoln) was inducted into Rotary.  We were assured that both the beard and the top hat were just for the heck of it .

Rtn Gabe added that her father had been a Rotarian in Australia and because of his Rotary involvement Gabe almost lost out on an exchange student opportunity (nepotism and all that stuff).  But everything eventually worked out and Gabe went off to a small town in America’s Deep South.  In Gabe’s youth (and actually we’re not convinced she’s outgrown it) Gabe was a hippy and the southern town where Gabe stayed has never quite recovered.  Fellow hippy Mandy applauded!!

Guest Rtn Lori, RC Parkland Spanaway, USA, exchanged flags with Pres Sue and then commented on the club’s ambience and relaxed atmosphere…indeed it was a very loosey goosey evening!   And to show how much we appreciated Lori’s kind comments it was somehow arranged that she won the raffle.  Go figure!

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