Bulletin 17-January-2011

 Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.

Robert Fulghum

BULLETIN 17 January 2010

Attending: Bruce, Don and Sue Bennett, Driya, Janet, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Philip, Probo, Rustiasa, Sue W

Apologies: Alisa (USA…rtng Jan 28), Jody, (USA…rtng Feb 22), Cat (Sri Lanka), Dennis (USA), Donna (USA), Gabe (Australia), Kadek (in the field), Patricia (USA for knee surgery), Rucina,(caring for husband Agung),Tjok Raka, Tangsi,

Guests: Rosalind Robinson (Ubud), Zsuzsa Harsman (Ubud), (stay tuned…both soon to become Rotarians!), Doug and Alice Diamond (San Diego, CA, USA), Michael Lioy and Alisa Gantner (new residents in Bali), David Mendoza (Bali), Carlo Metzler (Bali), Guest Speaker Tema Sines (Bali)


Thanks to those who responded to last week’s Bulletin. We heard from Rtn Ray Williams, Bowral-Mittagong (NSW, Australia), who admitted to a new obsession…water projects in Bali and he’s wanting his Board to share this obsession with him. (Sure would like to know what Ray’s previous obsessions might have been.) Pres Leah Reich (RC Marin Central, USA) invited our attendance at her club’s meeting. That pleasure will fall to Marilyn. AG Governor Pete Griffith, District 5340, sent his best wishes for our Global Grant project. And former Bali resident simply enjoys hearing about what her old Bali friends are up to!

Our American Embassy here in Indonesia must be enormously embarrassed…and justifiably so. District 3400’s DGE Ridlo was unable to attend the DGE training in San Diego…for lack of a visa! The visa for his wife showed up promptly….but his didn’t arrive until it was too late, this in spite of efforts on the part of everyone and anyone who might carry some weight with the Embassy, including a US Congressperson. This trip would have been the DGE’s third visit to the USA…the two previous visits at the invitation of the USA! Some of our Indonesian Rotarians are suggesting that future training be held in a ‘more friendly country.’

Membership Chair Gabe will be late returning to Bali. Gabe is in Australia repairing rain damage to her home in Brisbane, which luckily missed the floods. We are missing Gabe and hope to see her soon.

Pres Sue reminded everyone to mark their calendars for Saturday, Feb 26…Club Assembly…to be held at Marilyn’s house. This meeting will take place the week-end after PETS so expect PE Lloyd to have a lot to say. Time and agenda to be announced.

Rotary International’s announcement about a three year club pilot program in support of member diversity and flexible membership has caught Pres Sue’s attention. Up to 200 clubs will be selected from applications submitted to RI by April 1, 2011. Expect to hear more on this topic in the coming weeks.

Global Grant Update

Rotaracter Ade, Puskesmas Head Dr. Putu, Sue, Marilyn, Village Head Made

Marilyn reported on multiple meetings held in the previous ten days with our Global Grant partners in Kerta, Payangan. The first was with the head doctor of the Payangan government operated clinic (Puskesmas in Indonesian). What a marvel she was…excited to work with our club in delivering basic health information to the local community adults and school children! Dr. Putu told us she would immediately mobilize her staff and begin interviewing households in each of our target villages…including questions that will be important to pre and post evaluations. This one-on-one verbal exchange is so important because so many of the villagers are illiterate. We have seen Dr. Putu in action in a previous project and she’s dynamite. Most important is that the villagers have deep respect for her.

Socialization meeting with Principals, School Committees and Health Dept.

IPP Marilyn explains why we are doing the project here

our village partners

A couple of days later, in keeping with local cultural procedures, the GG committee met with the TOP village chief (Kepala Desa Made), principals of the involved schools and members of the school’s parent committees…similar to the Parent Teaching Association in the USA. Here in Bali this is called ‘Socialization’…the process of transparently sharing information with all stakeholders and insuring that everyone was willing to participate and carry their share of making this project work. There was positive support from all the attending principals…except for the one principal who didn’t show up! Mr. TOP village chief, Kepala Desa Made, informed the GG committee that this school would NOT be allowed to participate in the project. Needless to say, immediately after the meeting, we contacted Rotary International, explained what the situation was and asked if it was acceptable to remove the disinterested school and replace it with another more cooperative school and enthusiastic principal. YAY!!! The answer was yes!

Our technical "Dream Team" Jero, the Kerta village architect, Rotaracters Dek Jo, civil engineer and Anik, architect

Village Head Made explains project to committee head/teacher, while Rotaracter Sudana talks to Rtn. Jeremy at the site survey

We will do some renovation here - aside from the obvious, note the height of the toilet is not what you call kid-friendly...

The following day the GG committee was off to visit each of the principals at their schools to verify water project plans. The ever remarkable Rotaracts led the way with two of their architect members plus a third volunteer architect living in the project area of Kerta. What a bundle of talent! And a darn good thing this final check was made because indeed some conditions (happily minor!) had changed since the last review.

Overall, we were delighted with the enthusiastic response from our local partners and their willingness to do whatever needs to be done. What more could we ask?

Pres Sue asked if one of us would share a special ‘Rotary moment’ and Rtn Janet was quick to respond with how much she enjoyed the hands on work renovating playground equipment at a local kindergarten. Janet’s upcoming task will be sort of hands on…using her taste bud skills testing and tasting some of the many recipes to be published in the club’s fundraising cookbook!

We celebrated PE Lloyd’s birthday with a special LLoyd sized birthday cake provided by Pres Sue and Rtn Janet! Mr. Chu sang, who really doesn’t sing very well, sang anyway….“How old are you now, how old are you now”. No response from Lloyd! But he clearly loved every moment of it…and so did we.



Tema began by telling us how she had read an article written by our Rtn Cat entitled “Getting Old Disgracefully”. The article discussed the difficulties encountered should an expat pass away in Bali. Tema, who claims to be 77 years old but looks much younger, explained how she had prepared for the inevitable and offered some suggestions how we might also make it easier for those we leave behind. The 24 Hours Society – a volunteer organization established 20 years ago, will make sure all the right things happen based on each client’s instructions. Their services are prepaid and all that needs to be done is place a call to them.

Tema also told us about an organization in Crestone Colorado, USA, that is licensed to carry out Hindu cremations and will assist other organizations to do the same. Click above for more information.

There were lots of questions and discussion including Rtn Jeremy’s comments on how the Balinese deal with death…a part of life, accepted as such, and the beginning of something new.

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