Bulletin 18 October, 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.

Francis Bacon

BULLETIN 18 October 2010

Attending:   Members: Janet, Donna, Cat, Sue W., Bruce, Philip, Rucina   Rotarian Guests: Henrike Herbold and Michael Fischer [(our guest speakers); Non-Rotarian Guests:  Suzi Koide  (from California, guest of Bruce),  and Rik Stoetman (Ubud, guest of Sue)

Pres. Sue opened up the meeting with a review of the 4 Way Test.

Between  Donna and Philip, who got two correct questions each, we completed them all without having to read them…!

Members should be on the alert as they could be quizzed at any time…



SISTER CLUB: It’s for REAL!!!  RCBUS is now a Sister Club to RC Manningham, Australia.  We give special thanks to Rtn Joady Barnes for suggesting this special relationship and to David Rosenwax, PP Aidan Wight and President Wally Spinks for guiding the process through the RC Manningham  board.

So what does this mean…in addition to our sisterly love for this ever generous and helpful club?  In the spirit of Rotary, we jointly agree to ongoing communication between clubs, sharing our Bulletins, discussing and potentially doing projects together, mutual visits between clubs and a host of other delightful stipulations!

Marilyn has the joyous task of maintaining communication between the two clubs (great fun for Marilyn, since we all know how fond she is of Joady and David).

Sue passed around the bulletins of our sister club, RC Manningham, and of RC La Jolla Golden Triangle, our Global Grant partner and future sister club (we hope).   Everyone was impressed with what these dynamic clubs are doing, and we agreed we can learn a lot as their little sister.

For the record, RC Manningham has partnered with our club on a Matching Grant, a water project and has given generously to District 3400 Disaster Relief in Indonesia. And they’re terrific to work with !!!

Rucina brought 500 grams of white Swiss chocolate, a gift from her donor (“They brought 8 kilos of it!”). It’s really yummy! For those not attending: you really missed it!


MG Panti Asuhan: Rucina reported that the MG Final Report has been submitted.  We wait for TRF’s acceptance.  Members were reminded of a fundraising event at the Sully resort (the location of the Panti Asuhan) with Odissi Classical Dance on 20 October.

MG Elementary Schools with RC Kelowna Ogopogo: Cat told us that Books and school supplies are ready.  We would like Diane Parker from our partner club to come with us when we do the delivery in November.

Project Discussion: Sue brought up a case study for discussion.   Several elementary schools received furniture from a Rotary project, and after almost 2 years an inspection was made and found that over 30% of the student benches and desks were broken and/or missing.  The local community had borrowed them for their raucous fundraising bazaars and didn’t return them in good condition.  Members came up with many good ideas for dealing with this type of situation.   Donna suggested that if we donate something, the ownership stays with our club, so instead of “donated” it stamped with “loaned”, so they can say to community that this is not their own; then they can save face when they refuse to lend it.   It was also suggested that we meet with village and school officials before the project to make sure they understand their responsibilities…

Flag Exchange Henrike brought us her Hochstadt a.d.Aisch Rotary Club flag (which to us non-German speakers is totally unpronounceable)  The name translates to “some place near some river”.  Michael, an AG, brought us his district  1950 flag and gifted Pres. Sue with his beautiful Rotary District 1950 pin.

Guest speaker: We were thrilled to have D1950 “German Ambassadors for Youth”  Michael Fischer, D1950 chairman of youth exchange and Henrike Herbold D1950 NGE Coordinator, Germany.  Both full of youthful energy and passion for the Rotary youth programs, Hennie and Michael went through the nuts and bolts of the different programs

Michael opened with the 3 Way Test of the Youth Exchange:  1.  Is it fun?  2.  Does it hurt?   3.  Can they find out?

There are 3 Rotary exchange programs:
1.Youth Exchange Program
This is for 16-18 years old, usually the junior year of high school; open tochildren/grandchild of Rotarians; parent pays for the airfare.
2.General Study Exchange
This is for 28-40 years old, young professionals who wants to compare
the way their profession done in other country. The District pays for
the airfare, the professionals may not be Rotarian or family of Rotarian.
3.New Generation Exchange (this is a new one, as part of the new avenue
of service New Generation)   This is for 18-22 years old (in D1950 they tend to stretch this a bit to 25 years old as Germany’s education system is a bit longer compared to US or UK), open for families of Rotarians, parents pay for the airfare. Usually aimed at university students, visiting University in other

ªMichael has been involved in Youth Exchange programs for more
than 15 years. There are several kind of YEP:
1.  3-6 wk exchange program (summer holidays between Germany-South
Africa, or Germany-USA, Brazil, China, Taiwan, a family to family program)
2. Youth camp (16-22 yrs., usually among nearby countries )
3. 1 year exchange program Germany sends out 700-800 youngsters per year to “certified”  host districts.  Our District 3400 is certified with   with youth protection measures.
Annually, YEP does 8000 exchanges (16,000 students) with a US$15 million
budget.   This is lowest cost exchange program of its size.  This is because of the massive voluntary Rotary support network.   Cost per student is around 3000 Euros.  During a 1 year stay, students stay with 3-4 families, to get the most of their experience.  The bottom line is – the student has to learn the local language, while experiencing local everyday life, not everyday party!  It’s
a language and culture immersion.

Henrike stayed one year in the US on a (non-Rotary) exchange program (where she stays for 1 year in the US.   Upon her return, she joined  Rotaract and then was recruited by the district when they needed “ a young face to represent the young generation”. When the NGE (or “Baby GSE” as she put it) started, she was assigned by her district to launch it.   As this is a very new
program, not all districts know about it (luckily, our district 3400 already has an NGE chair, headquartered in Jogja) so most of her work is opening up relationships with Districts on the the possible exchange. [See the attached PDF for details on NGE]

Raffle: A reike session was donated by Cat (who still has trouble moving due to a cracked rib), and won by Henrike, re-raffled, and won by Sue.

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