Bulletin 22 November 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.
~Nelson Henderson

BULLETIN 22 November, 2010

Attending :
Members : Lloyd, Sue W., Gabe, Cat, Patricia, Rustiasa, Bruce, Janet,
Philip,Patricia  Rotarian Guests: Anh Brown (RC Bearcreek Copperfield USA), Diane Parker (RC Kelowna Ogopogo).  Non-Rotarian Guests: Fred Brauer , Mandy Brauer Bill Dalton (guest speaker) , Anne Marie Kipar, Tim O’Callaghan, Christine Wright

4 Way test:
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
4. Is it beneficial to all concerned?
(Janet and Philip got two extra raffle tickets for coming up with the 4 way test.)

Announcements, Correspondence, Reports

A special thanks to Jeremy for providing the quotes for the last three bulletins.

On November 11, Marilyn attended RC Ignacio’s meeting in Northern Californa, USA.  It was a very special occasion thanks to Pauline Stuber, RC Ignacio’s WCS Chair.   Pauline was the guest speaker and talked about Marilyn’s favorite topic…the many Bali projects made possible by this very generous club.  Over the past few years, RC Ignacio has been a super international partner providing water to an entire village, teaching and learning materials AND water to10 elementary schools and making it possible for youngsters from poverty level homes to attend a residential high school, earn their diplomas…with 100% of the graduating class gainfully employed upon graduation!   Yet another water project is currently underway that will bring water to villages in the very dry area of Karangasem, Bali.  RCBUS is enormously grateful to Pauline and the membership of RC Ignacio for their continuing confidence in our club, enabling us to complete these wonderfully successful projects.

Flag Exchanges: We had a busy exchange evening, and were thrilled to be able to give away our new club flag.

PE Lloyd exchanges with Diane Parker, RC Kelowno Ogopogo

PE Lloyd exchanges flags with Anh Brown, RC BearCreek Copperfield

PE Lloyd did the exchange honors with Diane Parker, from Canada’s RC Kelowno Ogopogo, and with Anh Brown, from Houston, Texas RC Bear Creek Copperfield.

Bali Ubud Sunset members and friends are invited to join the tree planting in Kintamani on Saturday, December 4, 08:30.  This is the group that our member Probo is helping with, and this is the third year they have held a “planting festival.” Anyone donating a minimum of 20 trees, will have their name put on the trees

Rtn. Anh Brown presented Pres. Sue with a beautiful gift – a glass Rotary wheel symbol, made by local handicapped people.

Mandy Brauer, as a Trustee for the Mel Wolf Foundation, told us a bit of story about Mel Wolf:  – “ a lone wolf”, a wealthy businessman who lived a simple life, died without children and left his money for a new foundation. Mandy is very happy with our RCBUS proposal, and next week will discuss it with other members of the board.

Anne Marie Kipar, a local textile artist. She makes beautiful beaded batik wall hangings.  She has many friends in Jogja who were directly affected by Merapi volcano explosion. She came to tell us that she is selling her hangings for a discounted price and sendng the proceeds to Yogja directly.

Master carver Bruce at work

Our Thanksgiving fellowship dinner was held on Thursday Nov 25 at 18:00. We had a full house, and full bodies after gorging on Sue’s roast turkey, Janet’s dressing and 3 dynamite pies, Bruce’s cranberry salad, Philip’s fruit salad, Driya’s scrumptious brownie cupcakes, Lloyds mashed potatos and mixed veggies, Jeremy’s exhuberantly spiced indian dal (which totally went with the Thanksgiving menu) and more!  The kids had a great time, evidenced by the fact that our guest Bianca’s sandal was found in the rice field the net morning.. .. You can see more photos here.

Janet asked us to keep those recipes coming for our cookbook.  Friends of the club are also invited to submit recipes, so readers, if you have a favorite recipte, please share with us…

MG Kelowno Ogopogo – Friday and Saturday Nov 19-20 deliveries of school stuff were made to SD 3 & 4 Peliatan – Cat, Janet, Rus, Sue, Diane accompanied the deliveries and received thanks and appreciation from the school staff and students.  To get the energy really moving on both very hot mornings, the kids and the Rotarians were led in the  “Moose Juice” song by Rustiasa!  For the members who didn’t get to join the delivery, Rus led us in the song again during the meeting!

Manningham sister city has been emailing Sue to find a way to get their donation for Merapi victims transferred.

Janet also asked Ubud Hotel Association to funnel their donation for Merapi via us.

Cat: “Money to burn!” Rtn Judith Schneider, frequent RCBUS guest and trainer and supporter has informed us that her club in the US has extra funds and has invited a proposal.  Cat contacted Brent (of Bali Kids), and wrote a proposal for 5000 books on sexual abuse prevention and 2 laptops.

Cat is also writing another proposal for a trolley for elementary school trash.  They have the bins but no place for the trash to go after it leaves the bins.

Guest Speaker:
Bill Dalton, an entertaining and informative speaker is the author of the “Indonesia Handbook” ,the first and still best of the Indonesian guidebooks.

For the last 38 years, Bill has specialized in writing Indonesia travel guidebooks.  Bill discovered his love for writing at an early age, but never expected that he would become a guidebook writer.  Since he was 6 or 7,his father would wake him up at 2 am and jump in the car and drive across the country to different places.  After Bill got out of the Army, where he became a aratrooper, using the GI Bill, he graduated with “some Danish degree” from the University of Copenhagen.

Returning to the US., he found his grandmother had left all the grandkids with US$1000 each.  He took his to India, literally traveling all over the country,  and he made the money last for 2 years.  (with occasional side jobs)  He ended up in Goa, and in a hallucinatory haze , wrote ”Poem to the Moon” which later became  his Moon Publishing company.

He hitchiked all over Southeast Asia, ended up in Cambodia before the fall. There he taught English to government officials. Four of his students were among the people slaughtered by the Kmer Rouge.  He was lucky to get out in time.  Bill then continued through Thailand, Sumatra, and Bali. In 1973, he lived in  the fisherman’s village of Kuta for quite some time, and got kicked out when his visa expired.

Went to Australia, working as gardener in Cairn.  There he set up shop at the Woodstock-like Nimbin festival in NSW, where he sold the first version of his “Traveler’s Notes: Indonesia” for 50 cents, and sold out 800 copies during the first 3 days of the festival.  Bill showed us the one extant copy of the first version of the booklet, a stencil on yellowed A4  paper. It’s a real hippie bible, full of details like where to get the cheapest marijuana in Kuta.

From this meager start, Bill created his Moon Publications, which had 70 titles distributed in 30 countries around the world.  He sold the company in 1999, and now works on a consultant basis for the company.

We look forward to his coming back when his slides are converted to digital so we can see images of his extensive travels in Indonesia.

The Raffle prize (a set of natural soaps)was won by Tim O’Callaghan

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