Bulletin 23 August 2010

Rotary Club

Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm

Maya Resort, Ubud

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” Jimi Hendrix


ATTENDANCE: Bruce, Cat, Driya, Gabe, Jeremy, Marilyn, Philip, Mr. Chu, Probo, Rucina, Rus

APOLOGIES: Alisa (USA), Asri, , Dennis (USA),  Don and Sue B., (USA), Donna, , Janet (U.K.), Jody (USA), Kadek (in the field), Patricia, Sue W (Rtng Aug 29), Tangsi, Tjkok Raka

GUESTS: Rtn Rowan McClean, North Balwyn, Australia, Penny McClean


NEXT WEEK’S GUEST SPEAKER:  Otto Vlech is an expert on water filtration and is of the strong conviction that collecting rain water for household use will be an important issue in the future.  ‘Rain water is the cleanest water available and can be easily filtered to produce clean drinking water.’

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sadly DG Al Purwa was unable to be with us this evening and for a most serious reason…. our DG underwent surgery in Singapore to repair a molecular hole in his left eye on August 24.  We wish him a rapid recovery and look forward to a rescheduled visit when he is again up and about.

LLoyd, who had been preparing in great detail for DG Al’s visit, had a shock when he discovered his visa agent had ticketed him to be in Hong Kong on the very same date as DG Al’s initially planned visit.  All’s well that ends well!  The DG cancelled and LLoyd gets a second chance at AGAIN planning for the DG’s visit.  Practice makes perfect.

Our club’s Board has sent an acceptance letter to RC Manningham that will hopefully link us as Sister Clubs.  RC Manningham has already expressed interest in supporting a proposed water project in Ancut, Karangasem.  Cat has happily responded to Rtn Joady Barnes.

Miracle of miracles!  After months of patient waiting, funding has finally arrived for MG #72665, a project that will bring water to several communities in Batukesini, Karangasem. In spite of the rains we’ve had in the lowlands, Karangasem remains dry.  Don’t we wish Mother Nature would spread some of that rain around!

The final tally is in for the Bali clubs’ donation to Polio resulting from the Fun Walk and other local fundraising activities.  The goal of raising IDR 150,000,000 was exceeded by IDR 16,000,000!  Congrats to the committee who organized the events and special thanks to our own club members who donated raffle and auction items, participated in the events and obtained generous contributions from Starbucks and Café Lotus Ubud.

CORRESPONDENCE:  AG Pete Griffith, District 5340, congratulated the club for its efforts to help yet another school in Bali via the planned “Adopt a School” project.  Thanks, Pete.

We’re going to have an interesting visitor to Bali in November, John Tymitz who is closely connected to a US NGO, Brother’s Brother. (www.brothersbrother.org)   John asked what he could haul over for us and we asked for toothbrushes, toothpaste and recommended he check out Bumi Sehat’s website.   (Bumi Sehat is a well known and respected birthing clinic.)

REPORTS: Bruce delighted in telling us the website is ready for updating.  The website committee (each member with an updating responsibility) will meet to learn how this will be done.  Hope it’s simple!!!

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival invited the club to staff a booth during this event.  So many of our members are already involved in the Festival that no one is free to staff the booth!

GUEST SPEAKER:  Rtn. Rowan McClean, North Balwyn, Australia stepped into the void left by DG Al’s illness and spoke to us about his experiences in Pakistan.  Rowan’s work as a management consultant specializing in small to medium size businesses has him working in a myriad of far off places…Papua New Guinea, USA North American Indian reservations, Japan and five years in Jakarta. His experience with business development in many countries attracted the attention of the UN who offered Rowan a consultancy in Pakistan.

Rowan found the Pakistanis friendly and eager to learn. Most of his work was done in Karachi and Lahore where he worked with entrepreneurs providing IT and back office services to US companies.  Apparently the Pakistan government was impressed with Rowan’s work…they asked for help drafting the national strategy for the service industry.

Most memorable experiences?  The local busses, each wildly decorated, the national passion for cricket and the happy fact that when the Marriott hotel was bombed, he wasn’t there!

NEXT MEETING at Maya Hotel

August 30 at 5.30pm

As always, if you’re bringing guests or are unable to attend, please advise Patricia no later than Monday at 10 a.m. so she can tell Maya how many will be joining us. (08133 850 7769)

Speakers and Upcoming Events

Aug 30         Otto Vlech…Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Sept 6          Vikki MacKay, RC Burnaby, Canada…Employment for the Hearing Impaired

Sept 13        Karen O’Keefe…Basic Bali Health Issues

Sept 20        Sara Tooth …Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

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