Bulletin 25 April 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
Bulletin April 25, 2011

“Many people say, I’ll believe it when I see it.  The truth is, you’ll see it when you believe it.”

Attending Members:  (temporarily unavailable, will fill in later)

Apologies: Sue (Makassar), Marilyn (USA), Gabe (Australia), Janet (Europe), Phillip, Rus,

Guests:  Diana from Ubud, for Committee for Sustainable Gardening; Janet & Neville Windebank and her mother Pam, of RC Boronia in Melbourne. Guest Speaker Pak Purnawan of Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali.


PE Lloyd chaired the meeting in Pres Sue’s absence, and wished all a Happy Easter. Members and guests introduced themselves.

Lloyd reminded members of the upcoming Welcome Dinner for the District 3400 meeting on June 10. Dinner fee is 100,000. The RCBUS Handover Dinner should also be on your calendar for Saturday, June 25, 1 PM at Marilyn’s.

Children’s Library: Zsuzsa is about to return to Canada, and gave an report on her work there with the steering committee. They had identified that they needed some strategic planning, and she did a super job facilitating two sessions in which they identified their mission, vision and values, and a set of goals and specific targets. They want to:

  • Implement fun and exciting programs to encourage reading and learning;
  • Operate a library with books and learning materials;
  • Provide resources for learning in multiple languages; and,
  • Assist in developing critical thinking skills

There are various ways that RCBUS members can be involved:

  • Educational events
  • Volunteers are needed for writing, editing and illustrating brochures and educational materials, fundraising, and are sometimes needed for shifts when the librarian and assistant are away.

Zsuzsa has written a report which Lloyd suggested we put on our website, perhaps including their strategic planning process as a separate document for our future reference.

Rosalind gave an update on the cookbook. She worked with Rtn Janet over the weekend writing down recipes for a variety of things to make “using your leftover Betutu Bebek.” (smoked duck)  She asked members to make and taste-test more recipes from the collection on the RCBUS website.

Lloyd updated on the Global Grant, ready to go into the first school, SD#2, scheduled to start construction this week on the toilets and basins. Of the five schools in the program, SD#2 is the one ready to implement.

Lloyd invited Fred and Mandy to give us their impressions of Egypt’s progress, since they just returned from there. They said Egypt has a long way to go. There will probably be an election in September, although it may just be a popularity contest. But they emphasized that the Muslim Brotherhood was not to be feared as an strong influence on Egyptian politics.

Guest Speaker

Pak Purnawan gave a presentation on Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali (YPK), which has been “empowering the lives of the physically disabled” on Bali since 2001. Since inception, they have helped over 300 patients of all ages who suffered from cerebral palsy, stroke, accidents, other causes for loss of movement. Adults comprise 70% of their patients, of which 60% are stroke victims. Cholesterol is a big problem among Balinese  “because too much eating pig.”

YPK provides physiotherapy, transport, doctor visits, occupational therapy, even gardening therapy which helps improves fine motor skills. They have a mobile physiotherapy clinic which also trains local volunteers to continue programs in the villages.

YPK has also encouraged micro enterprise, training 200 disabled people to start and develop their own small businesses, both individually and together, and are now working to set up the first commercial cooperative by disabled people on Bali.

The raffle was won by visiting Rotarian Janet Windebank.

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