Bulletin 25 October 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

I always try to believe the best of everybody — it saves so much trouble.

– Rudyard Kipling

BULLETIN 25 October 2010

Members: Sue W., Lloyd, Gabe, Cat, Driya, Probo, Donna, Patricia, Janet, Philip   Guests: Novi ( our guest speaker), Rosalind Robinson (new arrival in Ubud)

Sue began the meeting by recognizing the great courage of everyone who made the trek to the meeting, as the road to the Maya is full of potholes, road construction, mud and toppled trees.  Not an easy journey these days.



Apologies to Sue Bennett and her committee and partners for not including her project on the website project list.   We will have an updated project list very soon… You can read about the UmaHanyar project here on our web site home page.

Marilyn received a feeler from a foundation for a possible donor for a grant of about $10,000.  The focus of the foundation is helping women and children.  Ideas for proposals were asked for. The deadline for proposal is mid November.  We are looking for a project which we can put together in a very short time.  Members please give Sue your ideas.

Rucina is in Singapore where her husband is in the hospital. All our thoughts are with them for his quick recovery and we wish them a speedy return to Bali.


Lloyd – Election results – a formal announcement will be sent out via email.

UmaHanyar elementary school project funded by RC Woodside Portola Valley.   Sue went to check out the furniture just delivered and was pleased with the good quality.  The school principal has signed a MOU stipulating that he will be responsible for proper care and maintenance of the furniture, and that Rotarians will follow up after 1, 3, and every 6 months to check the condition. The principal also will make a special agreement with the banjar that all furnitures from Rotary cannot be borrowed. Sue will use this as an example for other schools that we support.  Sue brought her new iPad to show us photos of the morning.  

Fundraising Donna and Janet are investigating a ballroom big enough to hold a christmas caroling event in late December

Cat – reported that we have a potential recipient for another DAP grant which sponsored our two previous mobile rice mill projects.  Cat is determined that we sponsor an entire fleet of rice mills throughout Bali…


Cat – reported that we have a potential recipient for another DAP grant which sponsored our two previous mobile rice mill projects.  Cat is determined that we sponsor an entire fleet of rice mills throughout Bali…

Bukian #1 Elementary School: (update from Marilyn) DSG funds from RC Paso Robles are on their way to Bali…. it’s a fact and not one of those three famous tales….the check (in this case, a wire transfer) is in the mail!  Thanks to Rtn Bob Lata for his efforts and follow up on behalf of elementary school Bukian #1 located in Payangan.  The project will provide books and sports equipment to this needy school. Now if we could only get Bob to again visit Bali and join us when the materials are delivered to the school…the really fun part of every project.

Global Grant Approved! (update from Marilyn) All the blood, sweat and tears that went into the GG proposal and application has finally paid off!  TRF has approved the GG and we can soon be on our way and DOING actual work. The project is focused on five elementary schools in Payangan.  It will provide water, toilet construction/renovation and hand washing basins PLUS teaching the major elements of basic hygiene to some 600 children, 50 teachers and a LARGE number of adults in the community.

Getting to this point has been a super team effort!  Thanks to Jeremy for his significant input to the application and data research, to Sue W for her precise responses to TRF’s questions, to Marilyn for overall efforts gathering data and translating it into Rotary speak, and to our international partner and heroine, Kathleen Roche-Tansey, RC Golden Triangle. The team gave new meaning to the word ‘synergy’.  FINALLY we can get to the heart of the project…actually doing the work!

On Fri Nov. 5, Sue will be bringing together the teachers who will be doing the training of elementary school teachers and Farquhar who will be helping us create evaluation tools to measure effectiveness of the training.  Janet and Cat will also attend.

Guest Speaker :  Noviana Kusuma Wardhani a.ka. Novi (Tarot Reader, Bali Spirit Marketing & Communication Director, Writer)


Novi gave us a lively and interesting talk on Tarot, what it is, what it isn’t and how it can be used to learn about ourselves.

Tarot is not fortune telling, she says. Tarot is also not about being psychic, but more about understanding the energy synchronization between the Tarot reader and the client.

Everyone has the capacity and sensitivity to do the Tarot, but not everyone knows how to do it.

The bigger picture is about energy synchronization with the universe, making ourself  to be No-thing (Javanese: “suwung”, Buddhist Zen:“Satori”) so we can attract the universe’s positive energy.  In the case of Tarot consultation, the reader has to become a “zero-point field” that attracts the data necessary to help the client.

Tarot decks come in many forms.  Novi uses a Wayang (shadow puppet) deck when she works with Indonesians, and a European deck when she works with Westerners.  This helps the client to understand the context better.
Novi also relies a lot on intuition, as she believes intuition is the way the universe guides each person.

Novi gives Patricia a Tarot reading

As a demonstration, Novi read the tarot is answer Patricia’s  2 questions. She was quite hilarious and spot on, and at the same time very compassionate in delivering her reading!

Novi also teaches poetry and script writing for Balinese children for free at Pengosekan library, every Sunday 12:30-13:20

Raffle : Lloyd won!  There was a choice of 2 prizes, and he chose the DVDs donated by Janet (A good consolation prize for Lloyd who had his food in a cast after breaking his toes!)   He can watch them while he is resting his toes!

Birthdays: We missed Alisa’s birthday this month…..(Sue found a reference on facebook) so we wish her a belated happy birthday.!

Coming up:

November 8 Meeting   5:30-7:00   No guest speaker this week.  This night’s focus will be on members learning more about each other, and what their project interests are.

November 8 Board Meeting  7:00 – 8:30

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