Bulletin 27 September 2010

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset


District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“The road to success is always under construction.”

Larry Wall & Kathleen Russell

BULLETIN 27 September, 2010

ATTENDANCE: Driya, Cat, Rucina, Sue W., Lloyd, Marilyn, Janet, Philip, Gabe

GUESTS: Robert  (Washington DC, Bali Kids), Graham Daniel; Melki Schelling (Bali Kids); Brenton (Bali Kids)


Projector: has been donated to the club, complete with speaker and cables. Donated by anonymous 😀
The Rotarian magazine: Sue introduce, and find a sample story – then pass out to members. – choose a story for next week. Cat: may be we also put our story in it. The stories inside really help when we have to tell the  Rotary to some people who never hear about Rotary.
Janet brought flag of a club from her hometown in Aussie
Raffle: Driya:  Sell Raffle Tickets
2011 Rotary Institute hosted by D3400 in Bali. Find a way to participate. [What is a “Rotary Institute” ? Find out more at http://2010bangkokrotaryinstitute.org/ ] Respond for website : (although Marilyn get the address wrong again) People really like it!  Got some respond about sister club from Manningham, they will discuss it in the Board Meeting whis week. Kathleen also want RC La Hoya Golden Triangles to become sister club.
Sue W. and Kathleen called RI, and suddenly Global Grant is moving again after several weeks of silence. A lot more forms to fill.
Lloyd, Marilyn:  Nomination Committee, ask for nominations (ballots by Oct 4). Position : 2 VP, Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect,
MG Panti Asuhan – Rucina ? Supplies delivered, report 90 % written, waiting for approval from Marilyn
Fundraising: Janet/Rucina – Christmas Carols [which was already tested out as a fun event at Rucina’s house] ? at Komaneka as they have piano there, it will be fun event!

Guest Speaker: Brenton Whittaker, Bali Kids, Children w Aids.

Brent : background mostly travel industry

Started the charity for children in Aussie, helping children in Asia Pasific

In helping orphanage everywhere in Asia Pasific ? find out that orphanage are mostly scams made to generate money for the owner,  either by swindling government subsidy, donor’s money, or child labor, or a day care service disguising as orphanage. A lot of effort need to be  invested in  weeding out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In Bali, Bali Kids tested a method of nurse visiting orphanage ? it creates a totally new kind of scams too, where the nurse and orphanage owner colluded to steal the medicine from children.

Bali Kids now move with mobile clinic for orphanages. The clinic check for children condition, and if they need treatment and medicine that can’t be taken in one intake, the children has to stay in Bali Kids shelter, until the treatment over. This is to prevent the medicine being sold by adults around the children.

Bali Kids now also serve by providing books and education on hygiene, AIDS, and general health for children. A lots of those children (and the parent) have no access toward these kind of info or, have terrible erroneous info, especially on the AIDS part.

Bali Kids also have an orphanage for in order to be able to take children under full time care for HIV/ Cancer / TB children. Mostly come through Sanglah because they are disowned by their community. Their stay are temporary. Parent not staying.  If they need school, they were send to local school. But with extra class with one on one teacher.

Funding currently mostly from Europe (Holland, UK), Aussie, and US.

Cat: Orphanage in Bali, which is the good one? There are 71 orphanages,  11 so bad that Bali Kids won’t touch at all. Parent are paying for the children to be there, like a paying day care. Some mixed with real poor kid, but how do we filter it?

Lloyd: medication who paid for it? Free, only medical check up in hospital need to be paid by parent.

Sue : how does the mobile clinic run ? ? The mobile clinic come to orphanage / charity org, they are the one who do the screening.

Raffle: Driya with winning ticket chosen by speaker (Raffle won by Robert Hincherick of Bali Kids, a walking good luck charm – as he admit himself)


NEXT MEETING at Maya Hotel

Oct. 04 at 5.30pm

As always, if you’re bringing guests or are unable to attend, please advise Patricia no later than Monday at 10 a.m. so she can tell Maya how many will be joining us. (08133 850 7769)

Speakers and Upcoming Events

Oct 11 Dagmara Gawlik, Director, Starfish Language School

Board Meeting

Oct 18          Michael Fischer, Chair, Youth Exchange Program D1950 and Henrike Herbold, NGE-Coordinator D 1950

Oct 25          TBA

Nov 1           Philip Bigio…West Africa Journeys in a Jalopy

Nov 8           Board Meeting

Nov 29         Thomas Fricke, Bio Mass in Indonesia


Club Officers/Committee Chairs 2010 – 2011

President: Sue Winski                                           Fellowship/Speakers: Rucina Ballinger

President Elect: Lloyd Hassencahl             Fundraising: Janet Molloy

Sec: Philip Yusenda                                               Membership: Gabe Monson

Treasurer: Driya Susanto                                 Public Relations: Donna Lum

Vice Pres: Rucina Ballinger                             Service: Cat Wheeler

IPP: Marilyn Carson                                             FV Global Grants: Marilyn Carson

Foundation:  Sue Bennett

Raffles: Driya Susanto

Mtg Coords: Pat Miklautsch, Bruce Briscoe

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