Bulletin 28 March 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm at Maya Resort, Ubud

If you want happiness for a lifetime – help the next generation.
Chinese Proverb

BULLETIN 28 March 2011

Attending: Sue W, Rosalind, Donna, Zsuzsa, Patricia, Cat, Sue and Don B, Lloyd, Alisa, Jeremy, Rucina, Phillip.
Apologies: Marilyn (USA), Mandy & Fred (US), Gabe, Janet, Driya (work) , Bruce (sick), Probo (in Java for training)
Guests:  Rtns Antje von Lukowicz (RC Bali Ubud), Janet Bressler and Leo v Gelder (RC Amsterdam HZ)  , Guest Speaker Sylvia Blanchet (Sanur)


Cat began with truly magical news. She was at the hospital during last week’s meeting, supporting her housekeeper’s family as they coped with a seriously ill young daughter. Cat had put out an all-points bulletin asking for financial help as the bill was expected to be enormous, and the Club donated its raffle earnings that week to the cause.

A happy, healthy Kadek before illness

A thinner, but recovering Kadek...

This week Cat was able to report that the girl’s surgery was successful, and her recovery is expected to be complete. Cat had just received the hospital bill that morning: 77 million rupiah. And what had her fundraising produced? Exactly 77 million!  Amazing.  (Approx. $7,000)

Bruce asked members to please remember to notify him if they can NOT attend before  Mondays at noon.  He asked that we use  email only, not text messages, if possible.   He notes that “maybe”s” are not helpful in determining a count.  🙂

Bruce also referred us to our website’s Disaster Relief page, which links to the Rotary Foundation for supporting recovery projects in Japan. The Foundation is now accepting donations . He’s posted a video showing the stunning speed and power of the tsunami, with links to other videos of Japan’s disaster.

And of course your calendars are marked and you’ve been saving the date, so there’s no way you’ve forgotten the Club Assembly at Lloyd’s tomorrow night, Tuesday, 6-8p. This follows up on our inspiring Assembly of February 26th, and will consider in greater detail how we want to serve the Bali community going forward.

Many Thanks  to Ros for taking over keeping meeting minutes while Philip is away, and also doing the draft for our weekly Bulletins.  She comes to the meeting well prepared with her handy netbook.

Ros at work...

Special Welcome Dinner Event: Sue announced a dinner for the Rotary (International) Incoming President Elect (RIPE), Kalyan Banerjee, in Sanur on April 8. Mr. Banerjee’s theme for his 2011-12 term is “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”, which has struck a real chord among RCBUS members. All Rotarians and spouses are invited, and RCBUS is hoping to fill a table there, which will also include the two Rotaracters each club has been asked to sponsor. All members present agreed to commit RCBUS funds for this, as well as for the 500,000 rupiahs each Bali club is donating for the event.


RYLA Program: Sue described the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2011 (RYLA), a leadership training program for handicapped young people which is being held in Bali mid April.  Members agreed to sponsor a candidate for 2,650,000 rupiahs, and Rucina will be in charge of collecting member donations and finding a suitable candidate.

Starfish Grant: Sue reported on her meeting with Gabe and Starfish Language School Director Dagmara to develop an MOU for the project to build a new classroom at the school with funds donated by RC Gent Nord.

Sue told us of this inspiring initiative in the Netherlands: “The “Walking for Water” event took place on 25th March 2011. More than 600 school children aged 10-12 carried 6 liters of water and walked 6 kilometers through this small city. They did this to experience what many children in developing countries have to do every day, and to raise funds for a clean water project in Tanzania.  This was from “Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship” blog.

Global Grant:  The Jakarta Post today had an article on Kerta, the village in Payangan receiving our Global Grant’s water/sanitation project, with the headline “Village Strives To Be Energy Sufficient,” describing the effort to generate their own energy through biogas. You can read it online here.

Global Grant: The Rotaracters will meet at Sue’s on Wednesday evening to review the new architectural drawings for the toilet and water improvements this grant is sponsoring, and discuss project management. Members are invited to come see the Rotaracters in action!

Cookbook:  The committee will meet on Friday, April 1, at Sue’s to consider production quotes. They’re on a roll–no fooling!

Guest Speaker

Pres Sue introduced Sylvia Blanchet, who with her husband founded a Vermont-based business selling sustainable spices which were supplied by farmers in Guatemala. This led her to connect with another Vermont-based group called the Sustainability Institute, sponsored by the Kellogg Foundation, with the goal to make the world”s food supply chain more sustainable.

When the opportunity came to participate in a two-week process called “presencing,” which started with a vision quest in the desert — with CEOs of Fortune-500 companies like Unilever, Wal-Mart, etc.! — she jumped at it. This process and their work together in following years led to many shifts, small and large, in the food supply chain. More can be read about this “presencing” method in a book Sylvia recommends by C. Otto Scharmer called Theory U: Leading From The Future As It Emerges; The Social Technology of Presencing available from Amazon.

Raffle:  Zsuzsa won a lovely yukata (kimono) donated by Alisa.

Zsuzsa and her raffle prize and Janet and Leo, our Rotarian guests from Amsterdam.

Dates to Remember:

Club Assembly Part II on March 29th at Lloyd’s house, 6 – 8 p.m.
Rotary International PE Kalyan Banerjee will be visiting Bali on April 8.
District Assembly on April 29-30 (Bandung)
District Conference on June 10 and 11…get your registration forms and payment to Pres Sue ASAP to take advantage of the Early Bird special pricing ending March 31. (Bali)
RCBUS Handover Dinner, in which we thank Sue Winski for her tremendous job as Club President this year, and welcome Lloyd to a very big job! June 25th, location and time to be announced

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